Sunday, November 11

Veteran's Day, 2012

Today, November 11, is Veteran's Day here in the United States. It's a day to celebrate, to honor the service of all U.S. Military.

My favorite veteran is my dad, Melvin Linn. I have shared this photo before and I'll probably share it many times again. He's pictured somewhere in Germany near the end of the Second World War. He, along with many others in my hometown of Lehigh, Iowa went willingly to serve our country. I am so proud of my dad and those men and women who joined him then and through the years, and to those who serve now. My dad passed away in 2008 but I can still hear him sharing his stories of the war. He was one who could talk about his experiences. Not all who serve are able to do that. Each man and woman experiences war differently. I just know that my dad was proud to serve his country.
Since it's Sunday, the actual observance of Veteran's Day will take place tomorrow, November 12. I have been asked by the local VFW members to sing the National Anthem at their program on Monday morning here in Henderson. I've also been asked to sing "America the Beautiful" which is one of my very favorite songs. I will sing for my dad and every military person serving our country and those they serve.
Today at church, I am going to be sharing a patriotic signature quilt that is going to go to a local soldier, Jack Zimmerman. Jack was severely injured in Afghanistan. His story is here. I can't share the quilt yet because Jack hasn't seen it but the quilt is finished and will be delivered to him soon. I put the finishing touches on it this past week and all I need to do today is to add the label.  As I worked on this quilt, and as I've made a few blocks for a quilt in memory of my dad, I kept thinking about an idea that has been running around in my head for a couple of years. I am hoping I can get some help from some of you. And's my plan............
I want to make a really large red, white and blue quilt. I mean a really large one!  One I can hang on the side of a two story building or someplace similar. You see, last spring my brother and I helped make a Memorial Day celebration happen in our hometown of Lehigh, Iowa (story is here ) and I want to make a large quilt that can be displayed at the Memorial Day observance in May of 2013. And how can you help me? Well, if you have any "orphan" red, white and blue blocks, would you send them to me? Or if you feel like making a red, white and blue block to send, that would be great, too. I will be using both 6-1/2" blocks and 12-1/2" blocks to make this large quilt. Both block sizes were used in the quilt that was made for Emma back in 2009 and many of you made blocks for that quilt. You'll find the story of Emma's quilt here. The plan for this large quilt is an idea that is still "in progress" and I'm thinking it might be a couple of quilts that I can fasten together. Anyway, I've already done some "homework" by contacting the city and the county about my idea so I know what I can and can't do.  :-)  I do love a challenge and this is a good one. If you can share a block, just leave a comment here or e-mail me for my address.
Have a good day! And pause just a moment to remember our military members who serve our country!

My "What's on the line?" feature will be taking a break this week due to Veteran's Day. Check in next week for something fun and there might even be a giveaway........ :-)


Mego said...

This sounds GREAT. I'm SURE I have leftover R/W/B blocks from QOV quilts...I'll start digging! Send me your addr and I'll get them to you!

Nanette Merrill said...

Another thing we share...awesome dads that served our country valiantly.

Beth said...

I so think we are related. LOL My favorite vet is my Dad too and his name is Malvin (how funny is that?) He served in Korea and Viet Nam. I am so proud of him.
I would love to add to your huge quilt. Is there a deadline, cause I would need to make some blocks.

Carol said...

What a debt we owe to the wartime generation which we can never repay.
Lest we forget.
Carol xx

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