Sunday, October 14

Tabletopper Tutorial Part 1........

It's time to get this tutorial rolling!  I have been to Iowa for a visit with my mom and everything is finally unpacked and the laundry is done, so I can get to some sewing and blogging.  The winner of the fabric pack is Sandy/ScottyLover. She is a longtime follower of my blog, so I was delighted for her when my husband drew her name. She's been notified and was thrilled to win! 
This tutorial will be posted in two parts. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I really wanted to double-check my math before I published the tutorial. I've made plenty of math errors in my time but it is not fun to make one when quilting!  I decided to make another version of this tabletopper in Halloween fabrics which will allow me to make sure you don't have to contend with a math error I may have made. The finished tabletopper measures approximately 23 inches square.

You may be planning to make this project in fabrics from Jacquelynne's fabric line, Fruitful Hands, but you may also be planning to make it in holiday prints or just fabrics in your stash. A few fat quarters will work for almost all pieces except the outer border (shown above in the green pear fabric) and the striped border and binding pieces. More on the striped fabric in a few steps. Read through the steps in this tutorial first, then come back and begin cutting and sewing your fabric pieces.

Step 1. Gather your fabrics. As mentioned above, fat quarters work great for this project. I used the pear fabric and fussy cut pieces that were fused to the center block. If you are using Halloween prints, perhaps you will cut pumpkins for the applique or stars for Christmas, etc.

Step 2.
If you planning to applique items to the center block, cut the pieces you want to use, then back with iron-on fusible product. Follow the manufacturer's directions on the fusible product you use. When pieces are fused, then cooled, you may cut out your shapes and set them aside to use later.  You can also applique the shapes in traditional applique with turned-under seams.
Step 3.
To create the center block, choose two fabrics and cut two 5" squares from each fabric. In the photo below, you can see that I have chosen the green polka dot and the orange polka dot. I also decided what color I want to border this section with so I cut a 1-1/2" strip (width of fabric) from the green solid, then cut two pieces that are 8-1/2" and two that are 10-1/2". Set those strips aside. Get ready to sew the four center squares together.
Step 4. Sew the four squares together (all seems are 1/4"), press, and then trim the block to an 8-1/2" square. I like to make the square slightly larger and then trim to the exact size I want as when the center square is exact, then the rest of the topper will likely be more accurate. :-)
Step 5. Sew the 8-1/2" strips to the right and left sides of the center block. Press.
Next, sew the 10-1/2" strips to the top and bottom. Press.
Step 6.
If you are planning to do applique, this is the step when you will add your shapes. If you using fusible method, be sure to remember to remove the paper backing.  Place your shapes where you think you want them.......
I used a pin to mark the corner of the center block so that all my shapes would be positioned from the same spot...............
When you are satisfied with the position of your shapes, iron them in place per directions for fusible product you are using.
Step 7.
Now it's time to make our triangle corners.  Cut four 5" squares, two of one color, two of another color..........
For my tabletopper, I chose green and orange. With right sides together, I placed the orange squares on the green squares. Then I drew a pencil line from corner to corner diagonally as shown in the photo below.....
I stitched 1/4" seams to each side of the pencil line, then cut them in half on the pencil line. Open the sewn triangle sections and press.
Step 8.
I chose yellow and orange for these pieces. You will cut strips that are 2-1/2" wide........... four 10-1/2" orange strips and four 10-1/2" yellow strips (or your color choices).  You can use fat quarters for these strips, or you can cut two strips width of fabric and then cut into 10-1/2" sections.
Sew the yellow and orange strips together and press.
Step 9.
Sew one set of 10-1/2" strips to left and right of center block section. Press. Then sew corner triangle units to 10-1/2" sections for top and bottom and press.
Step 10.
Carefully pin the top and bottom sections to your center section...........
 Stitch in place and then press. This section is complete.

Time to take a break. Part II of the Tabletopper Tutorial will be posted on Tuesday.
Tomorrow, I'll have a little something "on the line". See you then!


Sharon said...

Just wonderful Sandi...can't wait to get started....thank you

Nanette Merrill said...

Love table toppers. This pear theme is perfect for the kitchen.

VickiT said...

What a great looking tabletopper. You chose the perfect fabrics too. Thank you.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Congrats Sandy! Nice tutorial.

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