Sunday, July 29

The 83rd Linn Family Reunion!

That's right! As you can see by the sign below..............

was held last Sunday afternoon and at just about the same time as I am writing this today! We have a great time connecting with family and so for all my family and friends back home in Lehigh, Iowa, I share the following photos...........

There is always a ton of good food! That's my husband on the left who was anxiously awaiting the time to "dig in"!!! LOL!
Also checking out the possibilties are brother-in-law, Dave Nyren and cousin Janet's husband, Eddie Peterson. And in the photo below........checking out the chicken.......
are my cousins TL and husband, Nick Bogdon and Kathy Wickwire on the right. My cousin Faye is on the right in the photo below and a co-worker, Anne, who is like family to many of us. She works at the Dayton Care Center and has cared for many a family member. My mother, Mary, is chatting with my Aunt Loretta who is next to my brother, Doug. Next to my mom, sister-in-law, Sandy and standing is their daughter/my niece........Sue Ellen.
So far so good with the names.......and thank goodness we do a sign-in sheet that helps refresh my memory!!
Enjoying some laughs ......... above is Sarah Bogden, Kas Wickwire, Beth Wickwire, and Amanda and sons, Jacob, Joseph, and Joshua and standing is Aaron Morris.
Three happy guys waiting to eat are.....John Rudy and Alex Bogden and dad, Nick Bogden.
Many more smiles....Marian and Shirley Goetinger on the left and Diana Vangilder and Rose Linn on the right. Shirley was at the first Linn Reunion in 1929.
And the guys talked weather and crops and cars.......Bill Linn, Kevin Wickwire, Terry Wickwire, Dale Conklin and Dave Hrubes.
Sarah and Kathy, then Kathy's mom, Bette Wickwire (also at the first reunion in 1929) and Phyllis Linn. And in the photo below...........that's Bill Linn who is always one of the first ones to arrive. And Bill was just a newborn baby at the first Linn Reunion in 1929! Across from Bill is daughter, Debi, who was such a help to me with setting up and cleaning up!!!! Yay, Debi!!

I brought a basket full of toys, books and goodies for the kids..........
And in the photo below.......the boys are havin' fun!
 We filled up every table in the Lehigh Golden Memories club!!!!
Cousin Patty Dellechiesa is all smiles with her kids and grandson.......

That's Patty's two daughters......on the right is Teresa and Lisa on the left. On Patty's left is grandson, Ty and right is Riley.

 And there is always ice cream.................
and while the adults enjoyed the cool air conditioning inside, the kids didn't mind the 100 degree temps outside. That's Kenneth on the left, my grandson, Jacob, and then niece Sue Ellen and cousin, Kate.
And what were they watching? Well, the little town of Lehigh was cleaning up the streets in anticipation of RAGBRAI, the big bike ride across Iowa that would be coming through town this past Tuesday.........
And when the tables were cleared, the newest member of the family Cassie, the tall gal in the back row............gathered all her family together for a photo. Her new hubby is Nate who is on her right, just behind Nate's dad, Dick Lind and his wife, Betty.
Cassie has offered to take family photos of everyone next year!!!! I am so excited and I am going to take note of names because even with the sign-in book, not everyone's name is listed!
And now, because this is a quilting blog, I do have a bit of quilting news to share. Dick Lind's mother is my Aunt Marie. She was Marie Linn, sister to my Grandpa Thurman Linn. Aunt Marie is one of the many women in my family that inspired me to quilt. I have a pincushion she made and some patchwork pillows but my favorite thing I have from her is her spool rack. Every time I need a spool of thread for a sewing project I think of her. Family is a really good thing!
A post that is all about quilting is coming up tomorrow! See ya then!


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing your family.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like a great get together. RAGBRAI was the talk of Iowa when I was there two weeks ago. It is always an exciting time for Iowa residents.

Astrid said...

That looks like tons of fun and great get together! I can just imagine all that yummy food! :)

Beth said...

That looks like great fun! You have a big family. We used to have reunions every year but they slowly shrunk and eventually stopped. It is so great that you all still get together.

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