Tuesday, May 24

Time out for Tulips!

Last Tuesday, our Bible Study group met at friend Arline's house. She has the prettiest tulips and the loveliest spot where the birds can perch. Hummingbirds love the feeder that hangs outside her window. I took a couple of photos because the tulips were so lovely. Aren't these yellow tulips beauties, though? 

They are in the this little windmill garden and it just makes me think of Holland.  

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I just had to take time out for tulips. Today we meet at Diane's house so I wonder what flowers I'll find there?  I'll have my camera along and will be sure to snap a photo or two of anything colorful and lovely.
Coming up tomorrow .....  it's all about wool and crazy quilting. See ya then........


pdudgeon said...

yep, very lovely tulips!
I have some Easter lily plants that will be blooming soon. one plant has 13 buds on it and the other (newer) one has 5. Hoping that they make it thru all these storms. I've got them all staked, and am always amazed at how such large plants can grow from such small bulbs. Also looking forward to my orienpet lilies that bloom later in the Summer.

JCnNC said...

My lillies are also blooming and seem to be better than ever this year. Love that little windmill garden. Thanks for sharing. Judy C

Tonya said...

Gosh, this completely matches my quilt along going along right now. I love tulips and windmills!

annemarie said...

So lovely - tulips are my all time favorite flowers - thanks for sharing your pics.

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