Thursday, July 22

On the road again .....

Let's see........time to catch up. I've been to Iowa to spend time with my friend Sue and our crazy quilting group and it was loads of fun!! I took lots of photos and will share them on Friday. Right now, I'm catching up and going back to Monday night when I presented my "Legacy of Stitches" program to the ladies at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Mankato, MN. It was a celebration of 60 years for their Women's group and I was so glad to be a part of that event. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed a really good chicken dinner, plus met new friends! Each of the tables had an old-fashioned bouquet of flowers, along with little sewing machines and other sewing related items. This is the one at our table.........
I loved all the little sewing machines!! In addition to dinner, everyone received a little purple fabric pincushion tied with gold bows that looked like a gift. Very sweet!
Many of the ladies in the group we're part of their active quilt group that has created numerous quilts for charity projects. Not everyone was a quilter but my program isn't really just about quilting. I share stories, read some of the poems I've written and intertwine it all with some of my favorite old hymns that I sing acapella. I love to sing the old, old hymns. :-) And I love to share the stories of my old quilts, some that came to me from family members and others that came to me because they needed to be shared with others and only the maker knows the quilts story.
Those old quilts are what inspired me to make new quilts, so I share some of the newer quilts that I've made and the stories behind their designs.
And when I'm all done, I let the ladies come up and get a closer look at it all. :-)

I received several nice comments when the ladies came up to look at the quilts. Some were about the songs I chose and the special meaning they had to someone or to their mother, etc. Some were about quilts they had made or old ones that they owned and the story of how it came to their possession. I enoy listening to all of them! It makes me feel so good to know that something I do can make others smile with a pleasant memory. :-)

I've never done a "shout out" about my program, but I think the time has come to do so.......if you are looking for a program for your church women's group or local quilt guild, please e-mail me for further info (see my e-mail address in the sidebar on the right). I'd be happy to go "on the road again" and share my stories, songs, and quilts. :-)



Crispy said...

What a lovely idea!! I will mention your shout out to the guild president when I see her today. Her programs are filled this year (I think) but I'm sure she will pass the idea on to the next president.


Pat said...

I'm glad your program was a success and hope you get the chance to share it with many others. You have such a nice philosophy about what a GOOD program should include!

Beth said...

Your program sounds wonderful. The quilts look beautiful. Maybe one day you will be on the road near me and I will be able to see the quilts "live" and hear your presentation.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a wonderful program and I'm sure that everyone enjoyed seeing the beautiful work as well as hearing the hymns and stories.

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

That looks like a really neat idea! What a blessing to those who attend!

Micki said...

This is such a great idea! I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely quilts!

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