Saturday, April 3

Remembering the joy of quilting.....

Last Saturday, I joined my friend Barb at the Belle Plaine (MN) Library for an exhibit of quilts and needlework. Items were on display in the meeting room as part of the exhibits of quilts and needlework throughout the libraries in Scott County. The quilts were lovely, but the best thing about the day was the visitors. On the left in the photo below are a couple of young girls who shared their 4-H quilting projects. There were also some very special ladies who came and really enjoyed seeing the quilts. Staff from the nearby Lutheran Home brought a group of four ladies in the morning and after lunch they brought four more ladies so they could all enjoy the quilts.
We enjoyed listening to them as they recalled making quilts, crocheting or knitting items, and then there was one lady who said she didn't quilt but really enjoyed using them! These two ladies are watching my friend, Barb, as she works on her applique quilt.
And here she is hard at work handquilting this gorgeous quilt that will go on her bed. She told me the name of it and I didn't write it down. I'll get it for you as it's from a book and was a class she took at Eagle Creek Quilt Shop. Barb often brought the blocks for this quilt to our crazy quilt meetings so I have seen this quilt as it went from pieces to an entire quilt top. She mixed cottons and wool in her applique and it is beautiful!

The ladies who visited in the afternoon were treated to a demonstration by Deanna Geer (from The*Landing) who showed how one uses a drop spindle for making wool into yarn. It was very interesting and we all marveled at the amount of time one had to spend to get yarn and cloth all those years ago. We are fortunate today to have so many fabrics and fibers available for our projects!
I brought a few small items to share, mostly pincushions because they are a necessity when sewing or quilting. You've already seen all of them at one time or another here on my blog. :-)
This was my favorite quilt as I love nine-patch. It was made by Barb's friend, Deb, and then hand-quilted by an Amish lady. The quilting is lovely and the whole quilt is just really soft and pretty.

So that's what was happening last Saturday............and what am I doing today? Laundry. Pretty exciting isn't it? I'm also thinking that I'll make some jello or something for dinner on Sunday to go with the scalloped potatoes and ham that I'm going to bake. Sounds yummy, huh? And the best part is that I am going to make enough for left-overs. That means no cooking on Monday!!
Have a good day today!


Kaye said...

I enjoyed the tour as I am sure the Ladies did. In NY we had a Lutheran Center that started as a nursing home. It now has assisted living and couples can go there together and if the need arises go to the nursing home and its right there and not so traumatic. A wonderful caring place my father in law was there as was a dear friends Mom. They were indeed happy there

Joy said...

What a terrific display ... your friend Barb's quilt is absolutely stunning!!!
Joy :o)

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was a delightful day. I am sure that the ladies thoroughly enjoyed a "flash from the past".

Owl Lady said...

Oh, what lovely quilts! There are few things that I enjoy more than talking to other quilters and seeing their projects. Their ideas inspire new ideas of my own. I would have loved to hear the comments of the older women. They have a wonderful staff who are in tune with what is interesting to their residents.

Sunny said...

Sandi, thanks for sharing. It gives me some ideas about a quilt dispaly in our area. I too, like the simple ninepatch quilts. Very nice!

Pat said...

What a great staff to take those ladies to see your quilts. I'm sure that was a special day for them!

W. Latane Barton said...

No cooking on Monday means 'quilt time'. Yippee.

Aren't those ladies cute with their memories of quilts from long ago!! I enjoy so much hearing stories from the older ones and heavens to betsy... I am in that class now. How did that happen?

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

I love looking at quilts Barbs quilt was pretty but like you I love a nine patch it is my favorite quilt.Trish

Beth said...

Great quilts. Looks like it was a good time for everyone.
Happy Easter.

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