Wednesday, April 21

Finished the book.....

About an hour ago, I finished the book that I mentioned in my previous post. It was even better than I thought it was going to be. I highly recommend it. There's a bit of language in it that some might find offensive but I'm recommending it anyway. It was well-written and there is good wisdom in the message that the author shares. FYI - I cried the last two chapters.
I didn't spend all day reading, though. I went to the luncheon for the volunteers at the Scott County Historical Society. It was yummy. Then on my way home I made a stop at Joann Fabrics for sewing machine oil and a cleaning brush. I need to do some serious maintenance on my machine before I sew another stitch. I also found a new thrift shop called "Grace Thrift Shop" (for those who live nearby, it's just south of Shakopee) and I found the neatest thing for a blogging friend. :-) After stopping there, I decided I hadn't been to the Lutheran Home Thrift Shop in Belle Plaine in ages so I took a turn and guess what.......found a little something for another blogging friend. Then I as I headed into town, I noticed that Unique Antiques was open today. I hadn't been there in ages either so I stopped. And again, take a guess..........nope, didn't find anything for a blogging friend but a dainty little teacup that caught my eye last fall was still in the shop and for $5.00, I decided it was going to be mine. :-)
Tomorrow is a crazy quilting day. I'll share pictures then. :-)
Have a great day!


Pat said...

I"m glad that book was good right up until the end. BUT...crying for two chapters at the end MIGHT be a bit too sad for me!!! What fun to have a productive day at the thrift shops. I love when that happens!

Owl Lady said...

It is so typical of you that you did two things for friends before doing one for yourself. You are a true gem!

Beth said...

Good book, good friends, and good shopping, what could be better?

Sunny said...

Ha,ha! That teacup was waiting for you. I bet it hid everytime someone came near! Wishing we had more thrift shops near us....:) Sounds like a fun day for you tomorrow!

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