Friday, January 15

Lots of wooly fun!

Okay, when I last posted, I noted that it had been a crazy Sunday. I anticipated the week ahead would go better. However, that wasn't quite the case. Several unexpected things happened this past week so all plans went out the window and I just "went with the flow"............ sometimes that just works the best. My mom had a bit of a health concern again this past week so there was a lot of time spent on the phone with her, other family, etc. but as the week ends, all is well.

In the middle of the week, there were a couple fun things to report.............. I was invited to do a "wooly workshop/program" for the Kindred Quilters group (in nearby LeSueur) for their February meeting. :-) Then I got an e-mail that a recipe I submitted to a certain cookbook was accepted. I'll get a free copy of the recipe book when it's published this summer. I'm not sure if I can say the publisher so I will leave it at that and it will be something to share when it's hot this summer and I can't think because it's too hot out! You know, like when I can't think because it's too cold! :-) And then there was the first "Wooly Wednesday" session at Firefly Quilt Shop this past week. Five lovely ladies joined me and we had a great time chatting about wooly stuff and making the little snowman lapel pins that you see Heidi and Carol holding in this photo.............

I had intended to take a picture of all the gals as they worked on the their projects, but we were so busy and so focused on what we were doing that I forgot to take the picture. Didn't realize it til I started packing up my stuff! Luckily, Heidi and Carole were still shopping and were most kind to let me snap their picture. Thanks, Heidi and Carole!!! Each month at "Wooly Wednesdays", I'll share a pattern for a new lapel pin that's appropriate to the holidays or events in that month. I've also provided a small penny rug pattern so that one can take the snowman design and place it on a penny rug if they don't want to make a pin. At the end of the summer, I'll have the whole series done and it will be available as a pattern. Right now, I'm only offering it at Firefly. I'll post a photo of the little penny rug as soon as I finish it.

On the home front....... my husband is done with the hammering and such in the basement family room so I am looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow. All the laundry is done and I plan to spend the day on wooly projects. I am so excited I may not be able to sleep. :-) I have started putting away my Christmas decorations but it all looks so plain when I start putting things away that I may not take down the trees for another week or more. The twinkle they add at night makes me smile and that's better than a frown anytime.

It was a good day here. Hope it was where you are and that tomorrow might be even better!



Crispy said...

I'm happy to hear that your mom's health issue was resolved. That's so hard when you don't live close by.

It's wonderful that one of your recipies will be in a cookbook. I'll have to buy it when it comes out....I love collecting cook books.


Owl Lady said...

I wish that I were living close enough to take part in your Wooly Buddies group.
Congratulations for getting your recipe chosen for a cookbook. Your creativity shines in yet another arena.

Kaye said...

Such a generous multi talented Lady you are. You still take time to share with others even when your own life is so busy. Hope all is well with your Mom. Its hard to be far away when they are having problems and need us. I am sure just talking to you is very comforting to Her

Christine said...

Oh I want to go to Wooly Wednesday! I hope all goes well for your mom and keep us posted on the cookbook! :) Christine

Judy C said...

Glad things are going better for your Mom.
You woolies look real cute, thanks for sharing even when your life is hectic.

Catswhiskers said...

what a fun thing... Wooly Wednesday! I wish we had something around here!!
Glad to hear that your Mom is well!

Rae Ann said...

Congratulations on your recipe being published. Will you be able to share it with us?
The woolies are so cut. And I hope you mom is doing well.

DianeH said...

Glad your week turned out well and your mother is feeling better. Enjoyed your post. Blessings!

Pat said...

I'm glad your mom's health issue is resolved. And how great for you to have a recipe that will be published. It would be SO much fun to attend your Wooly Wednesday activities.

annemarie said...

Oh how I would love to come to Minnesota and join the wooly group. I am glad your mom is improving. I know it is hard when you are so far away. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I signed up to make a wool bag at an upcoming retreat. I'm going to use some of the wool you gave me for it.


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