Saturday, August 8

On the runway..........

is Kaiser the beagle modeling the paint apron that my mother made for me in the early 1950's. He was very cooperative. :-) I dug out the apron earlier this afternoon so that I could take photos and post them on Pat Sloan's Apron Challenge. It's over on Flickr so if you go there you will find my aprons at . You will also see that I set up a group for the blocks that you all may make for my Seasons BOM group at . You may also notice that I set that group up in February and never posted a single photo. I have this disconnect between wanting to do something and knowing how to do it. I couldn't figure out how to load pics so I gave up. Came back to it when I opted to join Old Red Barn's Quilt-along in June. Finally, I figured out how to load photos. Then I had back problems and never got the blocks sewn together. They're getting there, though! I have more than half done and they go quickly so will have them done by the end of this month. I may send the finished top off to be machine-quilted. Can't make up my mind. If I tie it, it's soft and comfy. If it's machine quilted, it will be securely stitched and will wash well and batting won't lump. Hmmmm, maybe I could do a little of both? Hey, now there's a lightbulb idea!! Anyway, if you want to see some great aprons, then go to the link listed above and from there you can link to Pat's group or go directly to her blog - PatSloan'sBlog!

I'll have a fun post on Monday. It's all about an old advertising poster I found while gathering my aprons together. I'll take photos of it - it's large and colorful - and you will laugh when you see the prices of fabric!

Have a good Sunday!



Anonymous said...

I do hope to goodness that poor baby got a treat at the end of that there runway!!

Darling little bug.

I'll be checking out your BOM for sure. Thanks for offering it up.

Pat said...

Will look at the Flicker photos later today after church and a few errands. Kaiser really doesn't look too unhappy about his modeling chores....I'm surprised he woke up and agreed to do that for you!!! (Are you sure you didn't have him propped up in place somehow and propped his eyes open, too?)

Crispy said...

The things that our fur babies put up with LOL. He does look quite nice in your apron though LOL.


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Kaiser is a better model than our Suzi :)

Karen said...

Just want to let you know how much I like the quilt shown in your blog header!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I think Kaiser looks very handsome modelling the apron. It takes a special guy to do the job. LOL

I also love your header quilt :^)

Debi said...

Sandy, I did not know you had beagles. I have three, Jake, Rebel and Gracie. They are the most wonderful dogs and yours is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

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