Tuesday, August 25

Birthday Girl!

Today is my mother's birthday! Here she is with her china doll that was given to her when she was just a girl.
The doll was given to her by an elderly neighbor lady. Several years ago, my mother gave the doll to me. The dress the doll is wearing is one my mother made from scraps from a dress she made for me when I was a little girl. As she told me, it's not the right fabric for the doll's age but it's pretty. She made another dress for the doll that is a pale blue soft taffeta with embroidery so this sweet little miss can have a change of finery if needed. :-)
The dolls body is made from alphabet muslin so we took a picture so you could see it. At some time, adhesive tape was used to keep the little miss all in one piece. She could probably be repaired but we like her just as she is. :-)
The last couple of years, I've been with my mother on her birthday but this year it didn't work. I was hoping to get her up here for a visit about this time but think it will be later this fall. It's pretty at that time of year and not so hot, so it will probably work out better then. I found a lovely little gift for her, an antique pink depression glass candy dish but don't plan to mail it. It will wait til I see her. I trust the USPS with lots of packages but not this one! I sent her a card and gave her a call so she knows what is coming her way soon. :-)
Some of you have asked about my back problems so I'll give a quick update.......my back is still giving me some issues. I am trying to work around them and figuring out how I can do certain things and not cause myself further injury. The most inconvenient part is that it really bothers me to sit for prolonged periods of time and that is something one does when sewing or working at the computer. So, I'm totally readjusting how I do things. Do a little of this, a little of that.........which makes me a little crazy but I already kind of worked like that anyway. I am just refining my technique!
Now, tomorrow, I am going to post about those pincushions I made at Bonny's Retreat. Til then,........have a good afternoon!


Pat said...

That doll is very interesting......and it's nice that your mom still has it. I enjoyed seeing the photos and I never heard of alphabet muslin.....so that was fun to see, too.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Happy birthday to your sweet mom. I love the doll.

Kaye said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom. What a treasure to still have that doll. Your Mom is very youthful, looks like she is your sister. You are truly Blessed to still have her, I miss mine so very much.Give yours a big hug from me!

blushing rose said...

WOW! Mother looks so young & vibrant ... may she have a beautiful blessed happy birthday, Sandi. The doll is wonderful ... do you have any history on her?

Hope you get the back situation resolved quickly ... sorry it is giving you such grief. TTFN ~Marydon

Sue said...

Happy birthday to your Mum, it's lovely that you can share memories such as her(and now your) doll. A girl needs her Mum forever, I miss mine but think of her and talk to her often.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up a doll at our local antique shop who has porcelain and some sort of fiber... mostly hay that has broken down over time. I'm getting ready to make her a very miniture quilt. She is only 8 inches tall so you can imagine.

I have to get up every 15 minutes or so to move around or my back will tense up something awful. Best of luck to you with that.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom. What a blessing. I am still not able to do any sewing because of my sprained foot. Keeping it down makes it swell, so I've been trying to stay off of it. Hope your back problem will soon be resolved.

Karen said...

I had no idea what alphabet muslin is. Very interesting! I used to want a doll collection but never got started on it. The doll is a real treasure.

Crispy said...

Happy Birthday to your Mother Sandi and many more to come!! The one thing I really noticed was how tiny the feet were on the doll. I wonder if that means it was "fashionable" to have small feet at that time.


Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday to your dear mother, Sandi. I know you will celebrate up right when you get together.

Hope the back continues to improve and cause fewer issues.

The doll is beautiful.

Valerie said...

The doll is beautiful and so is your mom! Happy Birthday to her! My hubby had that steroid epidural on his back and he is a lot better. He is not well but it took that nerve pain away. Hope you feel better soon.

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