Thursday, April 16

Steve's Race Quilt

See that quilt top in my blog header? ..... edit .......I changed header pics, so go here to see the quilt top. :-) It was made by my great Aunt Bell sometime in the 1920's, all stitched by hand but never made into a real quilt. I often wondered why she never finished it. She made three quilt tops and in the late 70's my brother, sister and I each got one quilt top. My mother finished the butterfly top and my sister had the U.B. church ladies quilt her top which was Double Wedding Ring. I've never finished mine and my reason is silly but if I finish it, I won't see all those hand stitches that she made. Someday, though, I need to put needle and thread, batting and backing in place and as they say in NASCAR "git 'er done".
That same phrase could be used on the quilt top in the photo below..........

I made this quilt top for my husband in 2005 and gave it to him for Christmas. Then we moved and I packed the quilt away. I almost forgot about it but I am organizing in my sewing room and there it was. My husband is an avid NASCAR fan. Can you tell who his favorite drivers are? I think it's time I finished this quilt. I've decided I need to "git 'er done" by Memorial Day weekend so he can have it for the nap he'll take while he's watching the Indianapolis 500. I also need to finish it because if I finish this quilt then he will not mind one bit about all the other quilting projects I have going. I had thought about having it machine quilted but can't afford it right now, so, I am going to see what I can do to quilt it myself. I have only done small quilts so say a prayer that I don't mess it up and that I can get it done by Memorial Day weekend!! :-)
That's all for tonight. Have a good Friday!


Kritta22 said...

Awesome!!! That top is so cool!

Carlotta said...

That quilt your aunt did is huge!!! I always marvel at quilters that do everything by hand. I couldn't imagine myself doing that, but I love the patience they have to do it. Back then before all the modern technology that's what was done. But now, with my need to move on to other things before I get bored, hand quilting is not for me.
~Tootles for now!

pdudgeon said...

i love those trip around the world quilts! i think they're actually easier to quilt than they are to piece.
love the race quilt as well.some overall meandering quilting would look great and be easy to do, even on that size. happy Quilting!

Lindsey said...

Simply gorgeous... What a gift.

Pat said...

Great quilts...we are Nascar fans here and I should really try to do something with Nascar fabrics one time soon. Your aunt's quilt is lovely and I'll look forward to seeing what you do with it. I need to learn to do better with machine quilting myself...should make that a goal for the rest of 2009...might make some mini quilts and PRACTICE on them!

xashee's corner said...

your quilts are really TREASURES! :) Thank you so much for sharing! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Crispy said...

How wonderful that you have a legacy quilt. My goofy mom sold all of my great great aunt's quilts in a garage sale for $25. Boy did she get a talking to LOL.

I'm sure your hubby will be happy to get his quilt...finally LOL.


Owl Lady said...

I have a suggestion for our aunt's quilt. I imagine that you will not want it to be used very hard, so why not:
Turn one corner of the quilt back over so that the wrong side with those beautiful stitches becomes the quilt in that area. You can perhaps buttonhole along the seam allowance edges to firm them or something like that.
Attach a piece of neutral where that corner was to square out that top, and embroider your aunt's name and date and your name and date and tell what each of you contributed.
Then quilt it and it would be a fantastic legacy quilt.

We should all probably go back and label any unsigned quilts that we know the background on so that the information gets passed on with the quilt.

I will pray for your hands while you are hand quilting. I can not do more than a pot holder size anymore because of arthritis. Thank goodness for machine quilting. Otherwise, I would have a stack of tops-onlies!

Sara said...

That quilt your aunt made is awesome and huge! I love it! Trip around the world is one of my favorite patterns!

Your hubbys is pretty cool, and I am sure you will do a great job quilting it!

GARI said...

I am sure your Aunt would love it if you finished her quilt and snuggled under it. A good summer project, after Memorial Day,to be ready for the Fall cool weather.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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