Sunday, March 15

It's been a great day......

as the snow melts away!!

That's as exciting as it got today. Well, that and the fact that the spring weather must have had everyone in the mood to be out and about. I couldn't find a place to park when I went to church and the ushers ran out of bulletins because there were so many folks in church. And that is an exciting thing! :-)

I played in my fabric all afternoon, did a little sewing, too - finished the pincushion I started in the extension program from Thursday night (go here for more on the pincushion) and did some crazy quilting. That reminded me to give my friend Deanna a call so we could chat about a crazy quilting project for the Victorian home at The Landing. Then I had to think about what to fix for supper so I made goulash (anyone interested in the recipe?) and baking powder biscuits. Very nummy. Then we - hubby and I - sat down to watch "Desperate Housewives". Tomorrow night we'll tune in to "Dancing with the Stars". Wow, as I said, not too exciting around here. :-)

No other news to report. Hope you all had a goooooooooooood weekend!!



Nihal said...

Kiss me Kiss me I'm Irish:)
LoL, I saw this ads on our local papers and wanted to start with this:)
Let me wish you and your unique Family a Joyful and Happy St. Patrick's Day, Dearest Angel-Hearted Sandi. And, I loved your statement about going green as well your "new" banner! So wonderfully done. Going green I think not today but everytime what we need, no?
This weekend, we received rain that was enough to fill up a barrage. I got a flu, and all day long yesterday I was sick, coughing and bad headache. Today I'm off, and no work.
I hope your weekend did not go a kind of desperate one;) I too like it D. Housewives:)
Well, have a green merry happy lovely week ahead~
Much Love.

Pat said...

I'm glad to hear you have gotten some nicer weather after that super-cold, snowy spell you had recently. I think you should type out the goulash recipe in one of your posts.

xashee's corner said...

Happy St. Paddy's day to you! :) Have a GREAT one!!

Crispy said...

Goulash recipies are always good Sandi. I stuck my corned beef in the crock pot this morning (couldn't wait until tomorrow) so am looking forward to a yummy supper after work.

Isn't melting snow the best? I'll have snow in my shady areas until June, oh well, we can just mow around them LOL.


Sara said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! I enjoy the weekends that aren't totally crazy and all running around!

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