Friday, March 20

Happy First Day of Spring!!

Happy First Day of Spring! Look above and see my colorful penny rug that says “Spring is here!” Remembering that this is Minnesota, though, the possibility for snow is still quite likely. However, look below and you might think it's still Christmas. That's because My lighted garland was still along the front porch and my teddy bear wreaths were still hanging on each side of the garage. I decided it was time to take them down and went out to do it and thought, "picture time"! All winter long the wind whipped both wreaths around and most of the time they were facing the wall as they were today............or could it be the bears are just embarrassed that it’s March and my Christmas decorations are still up!! :-)

Of course, I can always say it’s because I am “keeping Christmas all year long this year” but we know that’s not the case. It was just too cold to go out and take them down until this past week when we got several days of 50 degree weather. I've hung these wreaths for almost 15 years! Every year, I add new ribbons, and glue the bears a bit more then reshape the wreath, mist it with glitter and poof! looks like new. They're looking a little "bent out of shape" but I'll tweek them again next year and they'll be good as new.
Now, speaking of Christmas things.............I am not doing a very good job of posting my “once a month ornament" and I am behind in updating my BOM list and I have not posted anymore on the CQ exhibit. This is not good. I'm always asking for patience with me and so, again, I ask "be patient". All that I have, I give for free so if you can wait a few days all will eventually be posted.
I need to visit my mother and so will not be blogging for a few days. I'm leaving hubby and Kaiser at home so I can take my mother for some shopping and help her do a few things in her apartment.
I’ll get the BOM list updated and those of you waiting for the past blocks will finally get them by the end of next week just in time for April's blocks to be posted. I have a cute Snowman with tulips all ready for just a few adjustments and then I can post him or her. Then the Christmas ornaments will come right after that as they sort of have an Easter connection because it involves clay.
I’ll be back on Monday to share the fun stuff we do over the weekend and the goodies I may find at the Thrift Shop and the quilt shops I have to pass on my way to my mom’s!! And don't forget......It's National Quilting Day on Saturday so treat yourself to some special project or a trip to your favorite quilt shop or a gathering with friends!!
Have a great weekend!!


Pat said...

Have a safe trip and a nice time with your mom. (And I think the bears in the wreaths are facing the wall due to embarrassment!!! LOL)

Crispy said...

Sandi, have a great time with you mom and drive safely. There are a lot of Christmas lights on houses this spring, the snow drifts got so big so quickly. Awww winter on the Plains LOL.


pdudgeon said...

so glad you're getting a break from the weather. have a safe and fun trip and a good time with your mother.

momof2gr8kids said...

happy happy spring to you. I got my garden in yesterday with lots of goodies.. since it was 75 no such luck today.. only goingto be 57.. so I am going to wrap up and take a walk..

W. Latane Barton said...

I love your penny rug. I haven't tried that technique yet but have thought I'd like to.

xashee's corner said...

Have a safe and WONDERFUL trip! i LOVE your wreaths and they sure don't look their age either!! GREAT job with them!
Have a GREAT weekend! see ya Monday! :)

RachelJane said...

I hope you have a nice visit with your mother! Have fun visiting the quilting and thrift stores - can't wait to see what you find!
Happy Spring and Happy Quilting Day!

Linda said...

have a wonderful visit with your mother. i just visited my folks this past week and i do love to see them......
love your boms.
garden in ? we just cleaned ours off. dh will get potatoes and onions in this week and perhaps radishes while i am in colorado

Jacquelynne said...

Happy Spring, Sandi!

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