Friday, September 5

Twenty-five years in the making!!!

I got lost in "blogland" this past hour and almost forgot to post a quilt!!! But here it is and this one was "twenty-five years in the making"!!! It is all hand-pieced and hand-quilted. That's all I am going to tell you about it tonight. I am curious to see if you can tell me what size it is just by viewing the picture. Take a guess and leave a comment (or send me an e-mail here ) with the measurements and I'll send off a little surprise to the one that is closest to the size of the quilt. As I unpack boxes and work at organizing my sewing room, I am finding all sorts of things that would be great Giveaways. So try your luck and take a guess. I'll tell you more about the quilt when I get a lucky winner.
In the meantime, I'll share two quilts tomorrow night and two more on Sunday night. It's Grandparents Day on Sunday so their stories are closely related to family and are meant to be shared this weekend.
Fall is in the air here in Minnesota so quilts will soon be pulled out to keep us warm and cozy on the cool nights to come. I saw the first signs of changing colors in the trees today and will go out tomorrow and snap some photos. I hope you are safe and cozy wherever you are tonight.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it's a miniature and is 28 x 34 inches. This is just a wild guess because I can't see anything that hints of its size.
Connie W
"Cootie Bug"

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Lovely. I really like all the combination of colors and your handquilting shows up really well in the picture. You have such even stitches. I'm guessing it is 30 X 40.


Linda said...

I agree that it is a miniture. My guess would be 26x32?
Lovely colors! I have spent part of this past week getting out our quilts/comforters as here in VT the leaves are changing earlier. Happy Quilting!

Vicki said...

If this is a miniture, as I too believe it is, and it is hand pieced, you are definately a patient woman. It's beautiful! My guess is 27 3/4 x 33 3/4 inches. I would have said 28 x 34, but it has been guessed.

May Britt said...

Could it be a mini miniature and you have used 1/2 inch squares ?? Then it would measure 12 1/2 x 16 inches. Just a wild guess

Chookyblue...... said...

maybe it isn't a miniature.........70x90 and that is why it took you so long........

Sue H said...

I'm going waaay small and saying 4 1/2 by 5 1/2? Know you, Sandi, you could do one that small!

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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