Sunday, September 28

"Sew and Share" photos posted........

I am almost finished posting the photos of the fun we enjoyed and the results of our stitching on the "Sew and Share" blog . More photos will be posted tomorrow and then each day next week, I'll add a few more to show you the projects that we made. I'll be taking most of it to a "connecting point" that will make sure it gets to the Cedar Rapids area for a distribution that will be held on Oct. 18th. As we made items, we stacked and draped them all over the piano in the corner of the community room. Lots of stuff, huh?!!!!

Our party for our friends and neighbors was a great success last night and I will get some pictures posted tomorrow. The day had a slightly damp start to it and it wasn't because it rained!! I'll fill you in tomorrow and tell you all about our "Rock Party". Til then, hope you are all having a great weekend!!


Linda said...

Excited to see what your new blog will bring :)
Your photos are wonderful! Can't wait to see and read more :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Sandi I always feel so overwhelmed and then I come to your blog and think "how does she do all this???" I guess we all only have 24 hours in a day and our lives are what we make of that time. I just wish I had a few hours extra. Looks like a very productive weekend.

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