Friday, September 12

The Quilts are in place.....

It's only 11:30 p.m. and I have just a couple of details left to finish for the library quilt exhibit. It's a couple of signs and then it's all ready. I set up the quilts in about two hours this evening and it is a nice variety of quilts that show the various fabrics, patterns, machine and hand-quilting with quilts ranging from the turn of the 20th Century up through the present. And the fun part is that almost all of them are mine. Worn and weary though some may be, they still have the ability to share the work their maker used to complete them. You can see the tiny fine handquilting stitches on some and perfect applique on others, and a wonderful variety of fabrics on some of them that make me wish I were a fabric designer and I would be reproducing some of the lovely pieces. I will take more pictures tomorrow to share with all of you. I am sending a big THANK YOU to all of you who are following my blog. It gives me a BIG SMILE when I read your comments and know that I am sharing things that others can enjoy!
Have a great Saturday!

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