Friday, September 26

Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch Winner!

Well, this was my late Aunt Bell's birthday and I really enjoyed reading all the posts each of you made about a cherished friend or family member in response to my Giveaway question. I will be e-mailing my individual thanks to each of you. A winner had to be declared so I asked my husband, Steve, to perform a random act of kindness and pick the random winning number for my Pumpkin Patch Giveaway. I told him to pick a number between 1 and 22, then write it on the file card I handed him. He picked a prime number - 17 and that means that the winner of the pumpkin filled with fabric and other goodies is............... Angie of Cedar Chest Quilts blog!!!! Congratulations, Angie. I'll be sending you an e-mail and will need your snail mail address so I can send the pumpkin on it's way to you!

Sorry that I haven't posted any quilts or much quilt-related talk. I am still collecting my thoughts and catching up after the events of the past couple of weeks. Which reminds me that I need to tell you that I have posted part of the photos from last weekend's "Sew and Share" event. Just click here to take a peek. Also, Gretchen e-mailed me that the delicious pie she brought and that I enjoyed as left-overs, did indeed come from Jim's Apple Farm in Jordan, MN. I had to pass it on my way up to Shakopee for crazy quilting tonight so I took a photo. Now if you like apples, or pumpkins or candy then this is the place to go. And when I say candy, I mean CANDY as they offer 327 kinds of candy and 40 kinds of licorice!!! Then there's Dad's Root Beer, Bubble UP or Orange Crush to quench your thirst and, of course, apple cider. I knew that pie had to be from Jim's because I've bought pies there and when something is really good, you know just who made it!!
I have received a couple of cool packages recently and will post about them in the next couple of days. No time right now. Must get to bed as tomorrow night is our party and it is going to be one fun evening!!


Linda said...

Congratulations Angie! Sandi - thank you for hosting the giveaway and reminding us of those that are special in our lives! :)

Sandi said...

Angie sent me this e-mail after she found out she won........."I'm so excited! I've never won a blog giveaway (or anything else for that matter). I entered because I love pumpkins and really wanted some new fabric (I'm on a no-buy timeout). I love your blog and look forward to getting my gift in the mail. I'll post pictures on my blog and write about it when it arrives--I can hardly wait. When I hollered out "I WON" my son still at home (homeschooled) said " oh no MOM"---he thought I was falling for one of those flashing ads at the top of the computer screen --hehe. HUGS Angie

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

It all sounds so yummy and fun. Congrats to Angie. How nice for her.

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