Wednesday, August 20

Seeing in Redwork, that is!

This is the design that was in my head as I posted last night. I quickly sketched it to paper and then this morning I started stitching. It's going to be a Redwork pincushion (for those who don't know what Redwork is, it is embroidery done in red floss or Perle cotton usually on white or ivory fabric). I finished this much by a little after noon and then I had to set it aside.

Had to take Kaiser the Beagle to the vet. Poor thing was also seeing red and looking pretty red/pink around the ears, etc. The vet diagnosed a severe allergy which explains why his skin is so red/pink around his ears and why he is scratching constantly, plus he has conjunctivitis which explains the red eyes. Last night, he barely slept and was constantly looking for a cool place to try to sleep. Come morning, I couldn't find him and he was under the bed. I knew then he was really sick. Dr. Rud gave him a cortisone shot and said he'll be better in 36 hours and ointment for his eyes. Whatever that stuff is it makes his eyes feel better and while he's not crazy about having me put it in his eyes, once there, he lets me massage it in. I think he's already better as he has finally slept for more than two hours at a time now.

As we returned from the vet, I passed some kids selling sweet corn outside their farm so stopped to buy a bag. Just four bucks for a baker's dozen of ears of corn and tomorrow night it will taste really good! Later on while out walking Kaiser, my neighbor Kathy (Hi! Kathy!) asked me if I wanted some tomatoes from her garden and perhaps some rhubarb cherry jam that might go well with the biscuits I featured in last night's blog post. I'm like, sure, and told her perhaps I'll have to bake her some biscuits and she said that was what she was hoping for. :-) So, next week, when I make up more biscuits, I'll also share Kathy's recipe for rhubarb cherry jam. It's going to taste really good with biscuits in the morning. Oh, and the tomatoes tasted might fine with the grilled ham and cheese sandwiches I fixed for supper tonight.
Time for bed. Just a wee bit on the tired side after having my grandson here for four days and then two nights of interrupted sleep because the dog was sick. Gotta get some rest so I can finish the pincushion tomorrow, plus a little cleaning and laundry are on tap for tomorrow. Back soon.............
P.S. The Mystery Giveaway Basket is filling up and, in fact, I had to switch baskets as the first one wouldn't hold all the things I am putting into it. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail to leave your name and be entered in the drawing.


Kookaburra said...

That's a lovely piece of redwork. Looking forward to seeing the pincushion made up.

Selina said...

Poor puppy. Hope he's better soon

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

MMM biscuits with cherry jam. That sounds good! The redwork is darling. I love love redwork. Poor Kaiser. I wish him well. I know my allergies are giving me fits right now. Fall is the worst. Have a great day Sandi.

Anonymous said...

Redwork is so classic. Your stitchery design is pretty. Glad Kaiser is responding & improving. Poor fellow.

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