Thursday, August 7

Introducing "Tuesday Crazies"!

Here they are my "crazy quilting friends"!! We started out working on crazy quilting projects so that was what brought us together. We met on the first Tuesday of the month and pretty soon I think it was Sue who dubbed us "Tuesday Crazies". Believe me when I say that when we get together we have a crazy time!
I can't recall when we first started meeting but I think it was about 4 or 5 years ago and it began by coming to my house once a month. Most of us were also crazy quilting once a month at the Scott County Historical Society on the 4th Thursday of the month. That was an evening meeting, though, and I also wanted to meet during the day. So we decided we would each bring a bag lunch and then when we were done eating, we would get out our stitching projects and enjoy an afternoon of stitching. We usually had a bit of "show 'n tell" and somebody always brought something sweet to eat. Then we decided to take turns and sometimes we would make soup or a hotdish to enhance the bag lunch. We had fun with Christmas exchanges and even when Sue and I moved away we decided to continue to meet. Last year we even met in the winter months and we have decided that just isn't smart with Minnesota's snow and ice. We'll miss our Christmas gathering but we drew names and will send off our special packages to each other in early December. This past Tuesday we met here at my house in spite of road construction that seems to be everywhere in Minnesota in the summer.
Drumroll and introductions...............
I took this picture from the upstairs landing looking down at the gal's admiring Kate's wool applique quilt. I will have to find out who the designer is as Pandora has also made the quilt. From left to right that's Sue, Pandora, Kate, and Carol.

Here's Carol (on the left) with her butterfly baby quilt. It was so sweet. When I moved from Prior Lake, the Prior Lake Quilter's used this pattern (again I will need to find out where the butterfly pattern is from) and presented me with about 40+ blocks stitched and signed by club members. If I stay on task, I may get the blocks sewn together by the end of August. This is the month for the Monarch butterflies to be flitting about so I decided it would be most appropriate to finish that project this month!!
Missing this day was our other member, Lori. She is the newest member of the group but caught the crazy quilting bug quickly and was stitching up blocks in no time at all!
Here is Jane (to the left) and while she is not a regular member of our group she usually joins us at the retreat I host at Villa Maria in Red Wing, MN which is in October this year. Jane and Pandora are long-time friends. The project that she is working on is a vintage triangle quilt that is sometimes known as a "Depression Quilt", not because it will make you depressed but because it was a frugal way to use flannel and cotton scraps during the Depression.

That's Adella in the picture below. She had just recently finished this quilt top and I love the way it looks like stained glass with the sun shining through it.

And on the left is Pandora with her first "One Block Wonder Quilt top". Since she had thoroughly studied the book and successfully made one, we deemed her the "expert" so she helped Sue cut fabric that she had chosen for a "One Block Wonder" quilt top. That turned out to be a lot of fun! Tomorrow, I'll post the photos of the "OBW" in progress.
Here's one final picture of the loveable bunch that are my "Tuesday Crazies" friends................

Pandora, Sue, Kate, Adella, and Carol..........couldn't ask for a better of bunch of "crazy" quilting friends!!


Anonymous said...
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Mar said...

Looks like a great group!

em's scrapbag said...

Aren't quilting friends sooo much fun. I learn so much from mine. I really enjoyed looking at all of your quilts. Such creativity.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What great people. Quilters are really the best of the best. Darling quilts and you MUST have so much fun!

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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