Monday, August 11

Filling the Mystery Giveaway Basket.......

I have added more goodies to the Mystery Giveaway Basket that I am offering. To enter your name in the drawing, just leave a comment on this post or the original one posted on July 30th for the Giveaway. This past weekend I spent my time working on projects with my 30's fabrics, so picture this - there is a whole bundle of 30's prints that have been placed in the giveaway basket, plus a couple of other fun items. There will be a little bit of everything in this basket. I am having fun preparing it as I miss not making up the doorprizes that I used to offer when I held my block-of-the-month projects at the church (we moved so don't offer this anymore) and so this is my substitute. :-)

I want to post some photos of the retreat and will still get to that today. We are having some "interrupted service" on our phone/cable/internet system and I think it must be due to the storms to the north of us. I don't want to be in the middle of loading photos and lose it all, so will wait til later and the storms have passed. The rain is much needed for the crops and if we are lucky more rain will fall tomorrow.


Bobbie Bentneedle said...

What cool looking fabrics you've laid over the edge of that basket! Thanks for telling us over at OST about your blog - I think we quilters/stitchers are so much kindred spirits. It felt sorta like reading about me, when I was reading about your stitching linking you to your family past. Ditto here.

earth visitor said...

30's prints always remind me of my grandma's quilts & the stories she would tell of her & her sisters learning to quilt from her 'mama' and her granny - always making quilts for new brides & babies or a neighbor in need - keep up your great work - special blessings to you

Bec said...

I have not began quilting yet however Tracy is trying to get me into it I have designed 2 quilts to make for my daughters, with Tracy's hekp but this is are far as I have got so far. I need to get some material to get started. I lok forward to reading more on your blog and hopefully learning some more about quilting too. I love what I have seen so far. You are so talented.

bookworm said...

I love the fabric that is in your photo, the colors are really great! Thanks for offering the mystery basket giveaway, love surprises!

Mary Stewart said...

Wonderful basket of goodies.
Your retreat sounds like lots of fun.

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