Thursday, July 3

Relaxing and surfing the net...........

Ahhhhh, I can relax. I have had a hectic schedule of late and today I fulfilled one major committment and now I am going to relax for the whole weekend! Last night, I dutifully worked on the two chick blocks and finished the embroidery on them this morn. Then just before I went to bed, I made a fabric postcard for someone special. Can't say who yet as that would spoil the surprise. However, the day before that, I had made a quick postcard for a swap that I signed up for and I was so pleased with how it turned out that I thought - gotta make more! And I could make a lot more as I picked up a roll of that stiff interfacing stuff at our local thrift shop for just $2 last year!! They go together really quickly and make fun cards to send to friends and family.

So here's a challenge. Anyone who is reading this between now and Saturday, July 5th - leave a comment and I will send you a fabric postcard. I'll reply back to you and get your snail mail address. Why do this? Well, I am inspired by all the blogs that are out there that are so enjoyable and so creative. I found one this evening and even registered for a free "Give Away!" that Red Geranium Cottage is offering. You'll find it on my list of "Blogs that make me smile". I decided it was time to make a list of the blogs I regularly visit and a few websites, too. Check them out as they run the gamut of quilting, crafting, cooking, reflection and fun!

Earlier I mentioned "a major committment" that I fulfilled today and that was to prepare a program for our Women's Guild at church. I presented a program that focused on our given names and their meaning. I made bookmarks for everyone and printed a gardening poem on the front, then on the back added their name and it's meaning. I read their names and the meaning and then everyone exchanged bookmarks and had to write something special about the other person and read to the group what they had written. It is really interesting to hear what other people see in us and can be very encouraging, uplifting to the person they wrote about. It's a simple thing but very personal and gratifying to know that others enjoy your smile, or your laugh, or appreciate all you do for others. This can work in a book club, quilting group, any gathering of friends. I did it at a retreat several years ago as an "ice breaker" and it worked really well.

No pictures tonight although if my camera could have caught the image there would be one of the glorious red, pink and blue cotton candy sky that was tonight's sunset. Picture that!!! Even my husband was impressed!!

Have a glorious, family-fun, safe and great food for all Independence Day!!!


Anonymous said...

I would love a fabric postcard. Your blog is one I check out on a regular basis and if fun to read what another Minnesotan is up to.

Karen L

Donna Jo Smith said...

Boy oh boy Sandi. I think that you have more hours in the day than I do. I wanted to come and visit you up in Lehigh, but we had unexpected company from out of state!

Have a glorious 4th, and congratulations on doing such a great job on your blog!

--Donna Jo

Sue H said...

Woo-hoo, please add me to your postcard list! What a treat! We really miss seeing you on a regular basis. Daystitchers is going strong -- we had 20 this past week. Thank you for all you do! Sue H. (and I know that "Susan" means Lily. I was named for Susan Hayward. Names are fun, aren't they?)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What an incredible project!!! I'm sure the women you served by this presentation were very grateful.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Thanks so much for posting my blog I appreciate it.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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