Thursday, July 31

Lucky day!

Wow! I posted my first Giveaway yesterday and this morning I checked my e-mail and found I won the Giveaway at Mr. Monkeysuit blog. How cool is that?!!! I will soon be the delighted owner of a little Elsie Pocket cupcake! Thank you, Thank you!! I needed a day-brightener and that was it.
An hour after that a big thunderstorm came through and we were without power the rest of the morning. Had to do some laundry and cleaning today so never really got to much sewing. But I did do some sketching and made plans for projects I'll offer this fall so that counts in the creativity catagory! Come September when it's "back-to-school-time for the kids", it'll be "back to quilting and stitching" for all of us (no, I don't have any kids that go off to school anymore but my grandson does and to me, September just plain means "back-to-school"!!). Be sure to check in every once in a while to see what's new. I may set up a separate site (another blog or a website) for the patterns I'll offer but will keep you posted. If you're checking in for my Giveaway be sure to post a comment on my July 30th post about it. I'm going to find a basket tomorrow that will hold the 25 items that someone will win. I might post a peek at the basket just to get the interest rolling. I do prizes really well. ;-) My quilting friends and retreat guests can vouch for that!!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

School is "back" here in 2 weeks - yipes. I haven't started any clothing shopping for the 3 still at home yet. My son has been reminding me that for 2 days now.

Susan said...

Congratulations on your win!

I think, if you are in Iowa, that thunderstorm is the same one that dropped huge balls of hail on us and wrecked 2 skylights, 2 ceiling vents, the truck windshield, and dimpled the entire truck. sigh.

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