Friday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope you are all enjoying the day!!! It's very quiet here in our neighborhood. Some have traveled to be with family while others are just enjoying some quiet time at home - like we are. Just like I said, we are relaxing and enjoying it! Actually, we're both working in our separate "creative domains". I am here in my sewing room where I was working on a project until I decided to set down at the computer for a bit. My husband is in his workshop installing ceiling lights which is the last step to finish in his work area before he starts working on an old car that he will be restoring (more on that another day). We are never bored as we both have a long list of projects "to do"!
I hung a couple of my quilts on the porch railing to add a little patriotic spirit to the front of the house. This one shown below is one of 12 seasonal/monthly quilts that I designed and stitched in 2000. This was the quilt for June and I made it with my Dad in mind as his birthday was Flag Day, June 14. And by getting it done in June that year, it was ready to hang on the 4th of July.

These two small wallhangings are from the same pattern. I drew the design in the summer of 2001 during the weekend of the 4th of July while I was thinking of my son's birthday coming up on the 5th of July. I made the cotton version first and taught it as a class through Prior Lake community ed.
Then in 2003, I made a version in woolfelt that I could send to National Nonwovens for a display in their booth at market.

I embroidered the words "Stars and Stripes Forever" on both quilts in Perle cotton. It shows up well when you see the quilt "for real" but doesn't show up well in photos. There's probably some feature on my camera that would help with that but I haven't figured it out if there is!!!

Now sometime this weekend, I am going to master putting patterns into PDF format and when I do I will celebrate and post this pattern for free for a limited time.

Here's to a great Independence Day! - Stars and Stripes Forever! - Land of Liberty! and God Bless America!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love your wallhangings and would love to have the patterns. I will be watching for them.

Janie in MO

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