Friday, July 25

Easter, 1957

I am so excited because my husband just showed me how to take my black and white pictures, scan them into photo shop and bingo! here's one of my favorites!!! This is so cool! I have so many photos of my brother, sister and me in clothes that my mother made for us. My dad once said that he was always so proud to walk down the street with Ma and us kids and there we were, wearing clothes she had sewn and sometimes she had made a dress for herself to match our dresses. You can see where I got my sewing skills. Mother was an excellent seamstress!

So, that's me on the right (almost 8 years old) and in the middle is my sister, Judy (just turned 5). Our little brother, Doug, is on the left. He was just a couple months away from his third birthday in this picture and, in fact, today is his birthday. I called him earlier to wish him a Happy Birthday! He doesn't look all that happy in this picture, does he? I'm thinking that might be because we were all dressed to head off to Sunday School and he would rather have been playing in the dirt with his cars and trucks!
Today started off with a welcome rain shower and you could almost see the grass turning green when the sun came out. I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and that's about as exciting as it got around here today. Who knew that the most exciting thing of the day would be learning how to scan in my black and white photos!
Have a wonderful, colorful, sunny weekend!!

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