Saturday, May 31

The Real Memorial Day

This is the day that I remember as Memorial Day. Growing up in Lehigh (Iowa), I can remember going along with my grandma Goldie when she took flowers to the cemetary to mark family graves. The cemetary (and church, too) was called McQuire Bend and it sits on an old gravel road, just "around the bend" and nestled in the trees. It's a beautiful place and so peaceful. Somebody knew what they were doing when they settled there and built the church. Last October, I drove out along that gravel road and walked through the cemetary. Even in the fall with leaves blowing around it was still a peaceful place. Good thoughts go your way this night. I'll write more tomorrow as our friends Ilse and Thomas left this morning and I have been busy running errands, etc. through the day and then watching storms go through starting late afternoon and into the evening. Quiet now except for the noise of the critters in the marsh/pond area across the way.

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