Tuesday, May 27

Figuring it all out!

This is the second day for my blog. I am still figuring out how to add photos and text where I want it to be but think I will be limited by the basics of the blog template. That's okay. The purpose here is to journal and to stay connected with my family, friends, quilters, etc. You have to start somewhere and this is it.
Very cool here today in southern Minnesota. Sunday afternoon was so hot and humid (I was upstairs sewing) that one knew there would be storms. Fortunately, we were not affected here but the same cannot be said for the folks in Hugo and surrounding areas. We lived through Hurricane Camille and I wouldn't want to go through that again in my lifetime.
Today I'm cleaning and decorating our upstairs guest bedrooms in anticipation of a visit from friends, Ilse and Thomas, from Denmark. And so, I better get to it! Can't promise that I'll write every day. We'll just see what develops, one day at a time!

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