Saturday, January 3

Finished my book.......

Yes, I finished the book I started reading earlier this week. I picked up the book at the library on Monday when Mary Ann, Arlene and I took down the big Christmas tree that was used to collect books at our Silent Auction. When we were finished, we took a look at some of the books that have been set aside for the next book sale. Both Mary Ann and I found books that looked interesting. The one I found is "The Senator's Other Daughter" by Stephen Bly. It's set in 1880's New Mexico territory and I enjoyed the book so much that I am going to request other titles by this author. I have nothing to show for my day because laundry was my only other accomplishment, and left-overs for supper tasted good but were not worthy of a photo. Oh, I did make a phone call to my Uncle Gordie and got some good advice on my recipe plans for my blog. More on that when I share my next recipe. 
Cold and windy here tonight. Many counties in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa will see blizzard conditions and extremely low temps in the next couple of days. I'm just fine with that as I am staying home, staying safe and stitching wooly projects! 
Have a blessed Sunday! 


Kate said...

It's very cold here in SK, Sandi, and the snow went your way. This weather takes away any guilt from hunkering down and enjoying some stitching, a good book, or football.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

We are probably not as cold as your area, but it's a lot colder than I like. I often find myself curled up in my favorite chair reading in this weather. My dog(the ultimate lap dog)is usually with me!

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