Thursday, January 1

And Happy New Year again!

I am finding it hard to believe when I look at the date and it is January 1st, 2015. How did the years from 2000 pass so quickly? And yet they do. Time can slip away so easily. Sometimes time is needed for things other than my quilts and crafty stuff. And sometimes, time isn't the only thing that slips away. For instance........some of you may recognize the little door pillow in the photo above. I shared it back in January of 2011. I had drawn designs and was planning to make a project each month to share on my blog. Well, I misplaced the rest of the drawings. I looked everywhere for them. Or so I thought. About a year ago I found them. I went through a stack of papers and notebooks and there they were tucked in the back of my 2010 Planner. That's because I designed them in 2010, then made the first one in 2011. Don't ask me why I didn't think to look in my 2010 Planner. I'm just glad I finally found them because now this year, I can share the designs! There will be one each month and it will be posted on the 5th day of the month! There will also be some other projects I'm going to share. Stay tuned because I will have to post most every day this month to let you know all the fun stuff I have planned.  I'll give you a little clue about one of the projects.......there will be a Christmas stocking pattern on the 24th of each month. Details will be shared mid-month. In the meantime, if you are interested in the project above and want to make it, just check out my original post from January 5th 2011. Here is the link to that post.........New*Year*Door*Decor!  Enjoy!
This first day of January was a busy one. It started out slow and relaxing......reading my book and enjoying a cup of cocoa, reading my book, then lunch. We decided to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade (Steve had taped it) but just before that, I put a good-sized rump roast in the oven. For some reason, I had this flash of thought that I should clean my pantry shelves after supper. Then I thought better of it and went to watch the parade. And for the umpteenth time, I say.......someday I am going to go to that parade and see those gorgeous floats and horses in person! Someday! Anyway, when it came time to have supper, the thought to clean my pantry shelves popped into my head again. The roast was yummy and when I was done I asked Steve to get the ladder from the garage for me because I was going to clean the shelves in the pantry. Yep, I just could not get that thought to go away! LOL! But it's done and so is a batch of banana breads for us and the kids. Now I just have to clean up my mess.
Have a great Friday!

P.S. I almost forgot..........we put all the names of every comment from December into a bowl and the name that my Random Number Man drew was............Beth!!! Just send me an e-mail with your address, Beth, and I will be sending off a little surprise package of goodies to you. :-)


Kate said...

You solved a mystery for me, Sandi. I had stitched your "Happy New Year" and wondered how I missed the others .... and now I know. :)

Anonymous said...

Your ambition/energy is/was impressive for sure!!! The parade would be fun to attend but I would probably pick a year (like this one) where the temps fail to be what I had hoped for!!!!! Beautiful, though!!! Happy New Year!!!! and I look forward to seeing all those little things that got misfiled into 2010!!!!! (I can so relate....I spend 1/2 my life looking for such items!!)

Judy1522 said...

Congratulations to Beth

Beth said...

Wow Thanks Sandi! I fell behind on blog reading so I hadn't gotten here yet. I am so happy that you will be releasing your designs.
I will email you my address.

Christine M said...

Your Happy New Year door hanging looks great, Sandi. I've never thought of making a new year project.

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