Thursday, June 5

Birthday Lunch!

Oh, oh, I was going to post this on Wednesday but I got a little busy and then I had to take a nap to rest up from all that birthday celebrating. LOL! On the day after my birthday, my friend Sue, sitting next to me, pulled off a big surprise. She had called me on Sunday and asked if I'd like to go out to lunch on my birthday or on Tuesday. I picked Tuesday and we were going to go north to the little town of Belle Plaine for lunch at Cindy's Kitchen. But.........just before we left town, Sue told me we needed to stop at the Henderson RoadHaus to see her daughter, Sammy. And guess wasn't Sammy that we needed to see. It was a surprise for me because there were two of my favorite friends, Doris and Arline. We laughed so hard because I had no idea that a surprise had been planned!

Doris is on the far left and Arline is next to her. These two women are so sweet. Both were teachers and I can tell I would have been happy to be a student of either one of them. :-)

I have a favorite that I order when I'm at the RoadHaus. It's the Chicken Quesidilla. Can you say Yummy? 

And for dessert, Sue had baked a raspberry/rhubarb cake. Yummy again! The candle is wee bit crooked.....she said she put it in the cake when it was still too hot. I thought it was crooked on purpose!

I love the smiles on Doris and Arline's faces. They make me and Sue and whole lot of other folk smile!

When I got home, I had my husband take a picture of me and Sue together. Her log firecrackers are very popular. She's going to be making some that will be for sale in HeArt of Henderson, the new shop I told you all about.

Oh, and there were more gifts. Doris gave both Sue and me the darling birdie canvas boards. Sue has hung her's in her office at church and mine is hanging right her by my computer desk.

 And Sue said she knows how much I love making quilt blocks (and that I make blocks but never quite make them into quilt tops, but that's another story) and I love vintage so she had to get these for me. I love it that she "had" to get them for me. ;-)

So, you can see why I needed to rest on Wednesday. It was a lot of partying for someone who's gettin' old. LOL!

Got one last thing to share and it's more bird eggs. My husband noticed that a little bird was flying into the little pine tree we planted next to our porch last summer. And here's what we found when he pulled back the branches............
They are tiny blue with black speckled eggs and it's a little wren that flies into the tree. This one is not so easy to take photos of as I fear disturbing the nest and causing it to fall down through the branches. I can see this nest from the window, though, so I can spy on Mama wren and family and she won't know it!

Okay, that's all for today. Big day of grocery shopping tomorrow and then our grandson is coming home with us to spend the weekend. It's fun to have him visit. Kids grow up so fast that we need to grab all the time we can with our children and grandchildren.

Have a great Friday!
Back soon. I have more wooly projects to share.........


Needled Mom said...

You really had a fun birthday celebration this year. It's always fun when they can pull off the surprise.

I love the little wren eggs. It will be fun to watch them grow up.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

From your last few posts (yes, I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading) it sounds like you had a fun birthday. Happy Birthday, belated.

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