Monday, October 14

What's on the line? Something warm and wooly!

Today's quilt that is "on the line" is just a small quilt that my mother made long ago.

It measures about 30 x 40". I recognize a couple of the fabrics in the quilt and especially the black and red plaid that is in the second row. I had a skirt in that fabric that I really liked! There are a couple other pieces that look familiar, too. A few years ago when I was home to stay with her while she recuperated from some surgery, we did some decorating in her apartment. It was fall then, too. She had a little drop-leaf table and two chairs in the corner of her apartment and I draped the wool quilt over the table and added one of her fall baskets of flowers. It really looked pretty. A couple years later, she decided she didn't want the table and chairs, and decided to sell them. I was trying to help her find a buyer and then I realized ..... "hey, that table and chairs would look great in your sewing room, Sandi!" So I bought it from her. She told me I didn't have to pay her but I wanted to. Just felt better that way. And now, since my mom has moved to the Care Center, that wool quilt, and many other quilts she had, have come here to live with me. I enjoy looking at them and also sharing them. In fact, I'll be sharing a few at Kindred Kwilters meeting later this week.

Once again, it will be a busy week. Seems like every week is busy these days. You are probably getting tired of hearing me say that. So, I'll change my tune............instead.........this is going to be a "fun-filled" week. On Tuesday, I'll be taking quilts over to Fairview Assisted Living along with a pumpkin cake treat for the ladies to enjoy. Then Thursday, it's quilt club and I will gather up a bunch of vintage quilts to share. And in between those events, I'll be preparing for a trip to Iowa this weekend and a program I'll be doing at the Christian Church in my hometown of Lehigh, Iowa. I'll be leaving dear old Kaiser home with my husband while I head out to watch the combines in the fields as I travel down Highway 169 and then spend the weekend visiting my mom, brother, etc. and doing the program at the church. For those of you in the Lehigh area, here's the flyer on the program. 
That's all for now. I promised a post about the little Halloween Quilts and our Henderson quilt group and will get to that on Wednesday of this week. Have a good Monday!


Pat said...

Oh, yes.....the plaids we all wore and loved as little girls. Enjoy your fun-filled week. I wonder if Kaiser will behave while you are gone or if he will get into mischief for your hubby? :)

Lady Locust said...

Don't you just love wool? The fact that is holds memories makes it even cozier.

Beth said...

Quilts with a story are always the best! Gives them so much meaning. Wish I could be there to see your quilts and hear you talk about them. What fun!
Have a great week

sophie said...

I grew up sleeping under wool quilts that looked a lot like yours. Even though my mother never made quilts, I think sleeping under those quilts planted the seeds that led me to quilting.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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