Thursday, October 31

Halloween 2013!

The cool, crisp air of Fall was really cool and crisp this Halloween night!  We were fortunate that there was no rain but oh, my it was chilly!  I had my treats ready by 5:00 p.m................

set out lots of decorations to make the place look fun and festive! And I used those battery operated tea lights, so no worry about burning candles!

I lined the steps with some of my favorite bears and black cats and the Halloween quilt I finished last night...........

I was going to hang the quilt on my front porch railing so the rhinestone would shine in the night. It was too damp and cold out so I just laid it on the steps. The little kids especially love looking in and seeing what I line up on my stairs. The kids also liked my front door skeleton. This is one that my son and I made many years way back in the 1980's. We wanted a skeleton decoration so he laid down on the floor on some tagboard and we traced his body, then each hand and foot and cut the pieces for our very own scarecrow. The "joints" are held together by those brass brads we used so many years ago. I have to wonder........can you even buy those things anymore? 
Our first "trick or treaters" were neighbor girls Grace and Ava. The girls are just so bubbly and fun! Love to have them visit.  :-)
I decided to dress up a bit when I found a pair of felt ears and a black felt tail in a box of my Halloween stuff. I added lovely pink hair to make me a Fancy Cat!

Several of the kids thought it was really fun that I dressed up. I had plans for another costume but decided to do that idea for next year. Must find the right pieces for the fun costume for next year so I will be checking out lots of thrift shops!
Speaking of thrift shops...........I stopped at the Lutheran Home Thrift Shop in Belle Plaine last week and found a few little treasures. This little turkey was just 50 cents. I have a rule that if I buy a fabric item at a thrift shop, I bring it right home and it goes in the washing machine. If it survives, that's great. If not, then it's not a big loss. I have never lost an item yet. Anyway, this turkey-lurkey was so cute and I thought my mom would like this one to set on the shelf in her room. 
I tucked a couple of little Halloween candies in the bottom of the box, then carefully squished in the turkey, folded over his arms, his legs, then crammed in the two little pumpkins..........and I'm hoping it will be like a "turkey-in-the-box" and sort of "pop up" when she opens the box. And I hope it will make her laugh. I sure laughed as I packed the box.  LOL!
Time now to put away the Halloween things and focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas. So much to do, and so little time but I'll enjoy every minute of it. I remind myself that what doesn't get done this year, can always be put on the list for next year.  :-)
Time to get some sleep. Have a good Friday and a great weekend! So sweet to get that extra hour back!!



DebbieM said...

You looked wonderful as a cat!!!I wish we had trick or treaters, but living in the country, with only one other neighbor nearby, we don't get any. Oh well, I decorate anyway and had my electric pumpkin lit on my porch last night. I'm ready for Thanksgiving, love that holiday!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Ray and Jeanne said...

Love your outfit! We had many trick or treaters. Thank goodness our rain stopped just in time! I love seeing all of the children - especially the little ones. ~Jeanne

Lady Jane said...

We don't get trick or treaters here either and I miss them but love the country. Your mom will love the turkey. He is a hoot...

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I bet I know who had the most fun this Halloween. Your decorations are so fun. You look so cute.

Beth said...

The rain stopped here for a while too, but no trick or treaters here. I am sure apartment buildings are not good places for them to go. I made trea bags anyway, ever hopeful. There are 6 kids in my building so I delivered their bags and that was fun. My dog and I took a walk early in the day and looked at all the decorations. We had fun. And my tiny brave dog did not freak out because he did not see any costumes.
Your house looks wonderful. Your Mom will love her turkey in a box. :)

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