Friday, January 4

A Christmas Wish Fulfilled!

That's right........I was wishing that I could get this little quilt finished before Christmas and I didn't quite make it for Christmas of 2012 but guess what? I am really early for 2013!!!

Hmmmm....there would be a picture here but Blogger is not letting me upload. Got plenty of storage so not sure what the issue is. Will try later...........

And later........ in order to load the photo, I had to switch to HTML mode. Uh oh, I am in unfamiliary territory when I get into the tech side of things. Will figure out the problem this weekend. Need to call in smarter folk than me.  :-)
Have a great day and a lovely weekend!

P.S. The little quilt is a design that Gail*Pan shared in a free BOM in 2009. You can check out her blog and designs here.


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It looks beautiful!!

Kathy said...

Looks great! Happy New Year!

Astrid said...

Ah, so it's not only me who is having a broblem with blogger... I was unable to upload photos yesterday too and I ended up don't know where, but in the end I had to copy & paste!
Right now I can't see any photo on your post.... ?? Blogger again??

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