Monday, December 10

What's on the tree?

Snow is on the tree.........make that trees!! We got a big snowstorm yesterday and here are some of the lovely snow scenes.........
The pine trees above are on the corner next to St. Joseph's Catholic Church here in Henderson. And just down the hill from St. Joe's is the church where I am a member, St. Paul's United Church of Christ.
Every tree and bush looked like it had been "frosted" or as if it was growing cotton fluffs!
This big old tree is at the entrance of St. Joe's Cemetary and it looked lovely in the sunlight.
And across the street from it was this one with the sun shining right through it...........
And then at Ned and Mary Pilling's place, their apple tree had plops of snow on it and there were still apples on the tree! It made me think that the apples looked like ornaments!
And speaking of ornaments, I said that on Monday's I would share an ornament and how to make it. So here's my ornament for today. Since we got all this snow, I thought I'd share "snow-themed" ornaments.  This is simple and fun and any age can make these snowmen and snowflakes. All you need is styrofoam picnic plates, scissors, glue and white glitter, scraps of yarn, a bit of paint for the snowman and some pretty pins for the snowflake.
I just drew a simple snowman shape on the styrofoam plate and then cut it out with a sharp scissors. I painted his eyes, nose and mouth and let it dry. Then I spread glue all over the snowman and sprinkled on a large dose of white glitter. I added a yarn bow and Voila!! it's a snowman!
To make a snowflake, I cut my shape from a paper snowflake and traced it to the styrofoam plate. This one is harder than the snowman. I used a very sharp, pointed scissors to cut the snowflake shape and a paper punch for the holes. I used glue when I inserted the pearl pins that are at each point and then I spread glue all over it and lots of glitter. I added some pink sequins for pizazz!  I was trying to re-create some styrofoam snowflake shapes that I bought in 1970 in a market in Tokyo. I have six of these, three large ones, three medium and they are one of my favorite things to put on our tree.
They are die-cut from a thin, soft foam and I inserted beads on pearlized pins at various points on the snowflake. In all these years, I have never seen snowflakes like these in any craft store! I would love to find more of them someday!
That time in December has come when I have to decide which of the many projects will get done and which will be rolled over to next year. LOL! Does that happen to you?  I always think I have plenty of time and then it just ......... slips away!  No one but me, though, knows what I was planning to get done.  ;-)  You all have a good week!

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annemarie said...

How beautiful - I really miss Minnesota snowfalls. I do not think we will ever see snowy trees in Texas although we did get some cold weather last night - cold for Texas anyway! Happy holidays to you Sandi!

Kate said...

Beautiful photos of your recent snowfall ... I was beginning to wonder when it would be your turn (grin).

Wilma said...

Beautiful*** Happy Christmas Season*** With Love from Venezuela***

Beth said...

The snow looks beautiful! We do not have any here. It is cold though.
Cute ornaments. I like snowmen. I might have to have a craft project day to make some.
I usually end up 'rolling' over some projects I thought I could get done too.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

cookies look delicious...thanks

Janet said...

I love shortbreads. I recently stopped eating wheat but I found a great shortbread recipe that uses rice flour. Yay! Thanks for a delightful giveaway and Merry Christmas.

Tiffany said...

I'm a new follower. Howdy! :) I love pictures of snow, but hate actually living where it snows (I'm in Wisconsin). LOL. The snow does make it feel like Christmas season to me tho!

Cindy said...

OH what fun ornaments. Thank you for sharing. These would be so fun to make with the grandkids when they come over next. Hugs.

Kathie said...

I love seeing the snow pictures.
one of the magical things about snow is how it covers the trees and makes them beautiful in mho!
cute ornaments, of course I just love that snowman!

Nanette Merrill said...

Love the trees. That snowflake design (well, close to it) is being quilted into my Christmas quilt. Love a snowflake.

Anonymous said...

Very cute snowman and snowflake ornaments. Looks like it's easy enough even for a klutz like me. =) I love seeing those snow pictures and imagining it as it was in 2011 when I was there before the snow! In fact, I'll look at all the snow pictures you want to take, just don't ask me to go outside in it. =)

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