Monday, October 8

What's on the line?

The finished tabletopper is on the line!! Jacquelynne's "Fruitful Hands" fabric line (go here to learn more about Jacquelynne's fabrics) was so colorful and cheerful. I was "pearsitively" taken by it's deliciousness!


And speaking of "taken"...........the little quilt was almost taken away by the wind!  It was very windy on Thursday and Friday, blew my fall porch decorations all over the place. Saturday was chilly but not too windy. It didn't seem windy when I went to church yesterday morning but after lunch, and just when I wanted to take seemed the wind came up again. I was not sure I would get a photo of the quilt to share today, but then a bit of calm.........and I snapped the photo above.  I had taken a couple other quilts out to photograph but the wind was too brisk so I gave up and will try another day. The tutorial for this little topper will be posted on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. It's a quick and easy project!

So, I loaded pictures for a post about the retirement party for my husband and a few other things that have been going on around here. Ummmm, I realized I am really behind in getting stuff posted. Life just got really busy. So anywhoooo.......the photos are loaded but I need to write descriptions and that will come later. Since I'm already behind, what does it matter if it's another day or so before I get them posted?  Let's call that post......"Coming Soon!"

You all have a great Monday!


Nadine said...

What a cute table topper ! Can't wait reading the instructions ;>)
Thea weather is quite chilly and windy, as well, in our little corner of the world... announcing a cold winter, but I don't mind : I'm a winter girl ;>)

Smiles from Belgium, Sandi ! ;>)

Pat said...

Love the colors on this.......very nice! As for blog posts, I rarely do any nowadays. Between being so busy and finding it faster to slap things on FB, I don't seem to get to blogs very often now....even to read them. :(

Needled Mom said...

It looks so pretty - especially in the autumn setting.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely and the setting adds lots! Those colors are awesome!!

Christine M said...

Your table topper is so fresh looking!

Beth said...

Well I am days behind reading posts so.... :)
The pears look so good. Makes me want some. The colors are just yummy. Great job as always.

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