Monday, September 3

What's on the line?

Three tabletoppers are on the line!
I shared a bit about these tabletoppers last summer as they are made from the 2011 Quilt Minnesota fabrics. This is a simple little quilt that is perfect for the center of any table. I designed it for Firefly*Quilt*Shop in Mankato. Most of the fabrics used in these quilts is sold out, so last week I picked up my samples. Shown below is a close-up of each quilt..........

I am going to do a tutorial for this project in early October.  I have some very, very special Christmas fabrics from Jacquelynne at The*Noble*Wife that I will be using to make the sample for the tutorial. She sent plenty of fabrics to use for a project and some I can share in a giveaway. Sweet deal, huh? I'm going to start working on the project next week and will take my photos as I work through the project. I have a busy month ahead of prep-work for classes, a program and projects that take place in October. I'll give you all notice of when the tutorial will be shared.
Speaking of was a very busy weekend. It started with just a normal Friday of grocery shopping but we ran errands and my husband was in search of a new winter coat so it was a long day. He didn't find a coat. Which was okay since summer doesn't seem to want to end here. The whole weekend was hot, including a hot topic in the news..........the Blue Moon.....................
Of course, the moon isn't blue and it's not made of cheese but it was very pretty. This is the best picture I could get with my camera. I can see the face of the Man in the Moon so I was happy.  ;-)
I have several embroidery projects in progress. Some are sketches that are for future projects and some are projects I designed years ago and want to do again. The Angel Connection is a series of angels that I did in Redwork and now I am doing them on white and using colored pencils which will be outlined with embroidery floss. More on this after I begin the embroidery of the first angel.
I was working on the angel project on Saturday when we had a little excitement in our neighborhood. The Henderson Fire Department had a practice exercise and burned a house just down the hill behind our house. One of our neighbors thought our house was on fire because they saw the cloud of smoke behind our house which made it look like our house was on fire!  Not the case, although we were a bit concerned that the exercise took place during very dry conditions. It all went pretty good and by midafternoon it was all over.
On Sunday afternoon, I had this bright idea to decorate the front porch for fall. It was so hot, that I thought it was the 4th of July instead of early September.  I made a new wreath from some of those artificial blooms that I grow so well (Thank you, Dollar Tree!!).  I'm not quite finished with the rest of the porch decorating because I need to get pumpkins and gourds to finish it up. I'll make a "pumpkin run" to Emma Krumbee's in the next week or so and then I'll call it done!
Kaiser is hoping that soon allergy season will be DONE!  He is one miserable dog. He's on meds but the Vet says this season is a bad one for cats and dogs. Must have something to do with our hot, dry weather. I am hoping that some rain reaches us in the next day or so but even cooler temps in the 70's will probably help him. He's not sleeping well at all.
And when Kaiser doesn't sleep well, neither do I. He scratches, gets up and shakes, needs to go out and so he keeps me awake but guess who sleeps through it all? Yep, my husband. It was the same with our kids. I only wish I could sleep that soundly!!

That's all for now. I'm late getting this posted today so hope you all had a good weekend and that a good week is ahead for you all!  I am headed to bed in hopes of a good night's sleep!
Next post up is our retreat fun. I started writing it then got side-tracked by the busy weekend. Oh, but I have just one more thing to share...............
Glorious Autumn Block Party and Super Deals for Quilters
You'll want to visit Michele's Quilting*Gallery to check out the list of designers that will be sharing awesome blocks for the Glorious*Autumn*Block*Party. The fun begins with a block from Pat Sloan, just check it out here.  I'll also be participating and have a fun block to share on ........... Halloween!!!! No tricks, just a treat of a fun autumn quilt block and a little bitty giveaway. Stay tuned for lots of fun this fall! 
Okay, now I'm headed to bed for some sweet quilty dreams!


Debbie said...

Hi Sandi, I love your pinecone tabletopper. I love anything with pinecones and this is absolutely beautiful. My home's theme is pine trees and pinecones. What is the fabric called with the pinecones and do you know who makes it? I'd love to get some of it. Glad I stopped by your blog, I went over to the Glorious Autumn Block Party link and I love how they set it up. I'm sure not to miss any this way. I bookmarked it to check back on today's Pat Sloan when I return home from work. I feel Kaiser's pain, I have allergies too and this weather of being hot, humid, then cool, and nice is playing havoc with my sinuses! I'm trying Claritin today, I certainly hope it helps me. Also, your wreath is pretty. I made one several years ago and have been using it ever since on my front porch. I'll have to get it out soon. Have a great day, Sandi.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Geat quilts Your puppy looks quite!!

Needled Mom said...

It is so nice to see quilts on the line again!!!!

Is Kaiser a bassett? He looks like he is a creature of comfort like all of ours were.

Caryl W said...

I like the quilts on the line!! I really like the fall wreath...thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

Great quilts on the line. I enjoy seeing how the same pattern looks so different in different fabrics. Your angel looks cute, I hope we will see more of her later.
Hoping for cooler weather for poor Kaiser. (And sleep for both of you).

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Lovely table toppers! Your wreath is so pretty. Hope your dog gets feeling better soon for you as well as him.

Missouri Gal said...

Love the table toppers. Very pretty!

Jacquelynne Steves said...

Can't wait to see what you make with the Christmas fabric, Sandi. I will also be on the Autumn Block Party at Quilting Gallery! "See you" there!

Anonymous said...

Your table toppers are wonderful! And I can say I *know* they'll look good on your table. LOL. I'll bet that Christmas fabric will be perfect. "Blue" moon indeed! Our skies have been cloudy at night, so I missed it, but your picture looks good, to me. Moon shots are hard to get. Love your fall wreath!

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