Friday, August 3

A mug rug for my dog!

Yes, I made a mug rug for my dog............
I saw these cute dog fabrics in a scrap bag that I bought at Firefly*Quilt*Shop, and I just had to stitch up a mug rug for Kaiser. I have always loved the challenge of remnants and have bought more than my share of the scrap bags at Firefly. And just in case you are wondering ..........I bought this fabric last year and did the bit of embroidery that says "Biscuit, please" and then I never finished the project.  I am in "catch up" mode so last night, I added the backing and finished it up. However, I don't make clothes for him. He's a beagle with some hound in him so he is no cute little lap dog. The mug rug, though, has it's use because I keep a small saucer for him in my sewing room. I wouldn't want him to go thirsty after he eats my crayons and other stuff.
I'd like to think that Kaiser would be really nice to me because I have made him this lovely mug rug. We shall see. He has not been very well-behaved this past week. He ate a little gift box that my daughter gave me for my birthday and one of the little crocheted flowers that was inside. She's going to make me a new one. Then he tried to eat the little book light that I bought last week! Chewed the thing all to pieces but luckily did not consume the three tiny batteries. My husband thinks he was being naughty to say........"Don't leave me here in Minnesota when you go home to the family reunion..........ever again!"  It's not like he was suffering because he was in the good care of neighbor Sue. I think he just likes to be naughty. :-)
I am working on another project that is in my "to do" pile. Will share it when it's a finished project!
I am so glad it's Friday. Just one week until I join my friends at Bonny's Quilt Haven. It's my vacation. Counting the days.................


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Why not a mug rug for the doggie? I really need to make a small quilt to cover the dog bed in my bedroom, since the cover is all stained and I don't want to make another cover. Besides, it all goes with the 'Pets on Quilts' theme.

Beth said...

Cute mug rug. I have been thinking of making one too. But not for my sewing room. :)

Nanette Merrill said...

That is so cute. What a great idea.

Caroline said...

Don't we love our naughty dogs. We just found us a new 12 year "old dog" in a shelter for homeless dogs. Our 12 year old dog died the 1th of june this year. But life is hard without a sweet dog. So we saw her, nobody wanted her, and we fell in love with Mies. So we hope to give a few nice years. What a good idea to make her own mugrug. I think I will follow you.
bye bye Caro(line)

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