Tuesday, July 31

I felt like shopping for...........

 .........a lot of woolfelt!!

Eagle*Creek*Quilt*Shop carries almost every color of woolfelt that is available from National*Nonwovens. I picked up all these gorgeous colors that say "FALL" and have plans for them later this month. Next, I need to collect some black walnuts and squeeze out some stain so I can do some "over-dyeing" for a fall leaf project. I think I know where I can find some.....just down the hill and around the corner.  :-)  When I start the process, I'll take photos and will share it all sometime in late August. It's a project that is best done outdoors!

In the meantime..........neighbor, Sue, and I are going to do something fun with this quilt block today.
I used my GO! Baby for the center squares. This is an experiment and if one aspect doesn't work, then I am prepared to go to Plan B. LOL! I'll let you know which plan worked in my next post. :-)


Me and My Stitches said...

I don't blame you for snatching up those little wool felt bundles - the colors are really nice. I am soooo ready for Fall!

Doreen said...

Eagle Creek is one of my faves! My neighbor (who does rug hooking) used to live near there and teach at that shop. Those woolens are so great for needle felting, which is what I use them for. Can't wait to see what creative gorgeousness comes from these!

Beth said...

I am looking forward to seeing what you do with those lovely wool felt bundles.

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