Friday, November 11

Veteran's Day

Remembering today all of the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces.  That includes my dad, Melvin, who is pictured here somewhere in Germany near the end of World War II.  I am thankful for his service and the sacrifices he and everyone who is in the military make in the pursuit of freedom.
As you know from reading my blog, my dad encouraged my sewing and quilting projects.  For some time, I've thought I should share this little pattern. It's one my dad really liked.
If you have someone who is serving in the military, you could make it in honor of their service. If you back the quilt with plain muslin, you could write personal messages on the wallhanging.
There is bit of symbolism in the little quilt. The three stars represent the three branches of our government...... Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The four red and white bars represent all the states........North, South, East and West. The fireworks represent the celebrating we do on Independence Day on the 4th of July and also when our loved ones return home safely.  Sadly, many of our military do not return home safely.
If you'd like to make this wallhanging, you will find the pdf for the pattern cover and quilt instructions posted here. The pattern page for the stars is here.  The pattern page for the letters for Stars and Stripes is here and the pattern page for the word Forever is here.
If you have any questions about the pattern, just leave me a comment and I'll reply. You may share the pattern with friends. If you make the little quilt, I would love to see a picture!

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

I would love to make this as a table topper to use in July next year.

My father went into the Army at the end of WWI. The base where he was training was quarantined because of the flu epidemic. Once they started on a train eastward to go to Europe, peace was declared, and the train turned around to take them home.

My DH's father served during WWII in Italy in the quartermaster corps. He was a farm boy, so the officers assumed that he could handle any animals and gave him mules and a wagon to take supplies to the front. He felt sorry for the mules. Their vocal cords had been cut to keep them from braying and giving away the position of our troops.

I am grateful for those who protect us and humbled by what they continue to endure.

Owl Lady

Pat said...

Thanks, Sandi......having a young gal in our family in Iraq right now (and having my husband be a Vietnam vet and my father a WWII vet), this day holds a lot of significance for me, too. I know your hubby served in the Air Force, too. Thanks for the pattern link...and for a post that helps us all remember what we should never forget....that our freedom comes at a great price.

Denise :) said...

What a lovely post and project, Sandi; thank you for sharing with us, and thank you for sharing about your dad's service. :)

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Your dad was truly a very special person, wasn't he? Must have rubbed off on you!

Kathleen said...

Thank you for sharing, my father was in WWII & my brother was in Viet Nam. We owe a debt of gratitude to all our veterans.

Beth said...

Love the pattern and thank you for permission to use and share it. I plan to make at least three, one for Dad, one for my sister, and one for me.
My Dad is a veteran of Korea and Vietnam. (Career Navy)One of Mom's brothers and one of Dad's brothers were career Marines and both served in Vietnam.
I worked in a military hospital during Vietnam and the loss to our men and women who serve is just so great.

earth visitor said...

what a great wall-hanging - I love your posts

Jeanie in IA

Anonymous said...

Great! I got all the pieces. Thank you! I love the picture of your dad. My dad was in the Pacific.

Dee M said...

Many thanks to your father and to all the others who served and are serving in our country. Not a day goes by that I don't think of their sacrifice and those of their families. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us, too.

Snoodles said...

Thank you for sharing the pattern with us...I really like it. I hope to be able to make it for next year, for Memorial Day and July 4th, and then use it for Veterans' Day, too. I am so thankful for all the veterans and their families.

Lady Jane said...

Such a cool wall hanging to make. And it can be used many times thruout the year. Thanks. Cheers, LJ

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