Monday, August 8

What's on the line?

Oh, my! There's another pink quilt on the line!!!!
I have the funny feeling that there is a quiltmaker out there, someone long gone, who may be smiling because I have her quilts to share with you. Among the quilts that my mother and dad bought at farm auctions, there are several that must be by the same maker. Sometimes the same fabrics appear in different quilt patterns. I have no way of knowing what quilts were bought at what auction so their makers remain a mystery. All I know is that I just love each one even if they are worn or a little wonky or not quite my favorite colors.  My favorite color is usually pink and I am happy that some quilt maker long ago also loved that color and that I can enjoy her quilts today! The pattern for the one above would be so easy to reproduce. While the pink looks almost neon in the photo it is not that bright. It was a cloudy day when I took this two weeks ago (knowing I would be gone today) and for some reason it made the quilt look like it was a much brighter pink than it is in person. The pink is what I call 1920's pink and some might call soft bubblegum pink. Whatever shade of pink it is, it's fine with me!
I think by the time you read this, I will be making my way back to Minnesota and if not today, then for sure on Tuesday. My mom has recovered well.  After I get home, get the laundry done and a few other chores, I'll share the photos from our retreat weekend at Bonny's Quilt Haven. We had so much fun and there are fun quilty projects to share. I will leave you with one bit of "eye candy" that I made for my friend, Sue, who joined us at Bonny's for the first time. At least three years ago, I bought a white milk glass candy dish and planned to make a pincushion from it as a gift for Sue. I had some vintage fabric in two of her favorite colors, pink and brown that I knew would be perfect with it. Well, I finally finished that little pincushion and took it to Sue. She liked it a lot. :-)  Just like the pincushion I shared last week, I just made a circle of fabric that was stitched to batting, gathered it up, stuffed it, added a button and glued it into the candy dish. Here it is..........
The nice thing about this candy dish is that the contents of it are "no-calorie"!  However, I was munching M&M's as I made this and as many a quilt knows, quilting and chocolate go "hand in hand". Have a good Monday and a great start to the week!


Diane Wild said...

It will be good to have you back in Minnesota. I think I'll have to try one of your candy dish pin cushions. They look so easy and inviting.

Needled Mom said...

That is a pretty pink quilt, Sandi. Wouldn't it be funny if someone recognized a quilt that you post?

I think you should use some of the candy fabrics to make your candy dish pincushions. That would be adorable. It looks wonderful and I think I may need to make one of those.

Glad to read your mom is feeling better.

Katie M. said...

I really enjoy seeing your "What's on the Line?". Pink is not a favorite color of mine, but this is a lovely quilt. I always wonder what a quilt would say if only it could talk! And I may have to borrow your pin cushion idea. I've been wanting to do something for a quilting friend who is undergoing chemo and I think a 'candy dish' pincushion would be just the thing. Thank you for sharing.

Snoodles said...

I love your quilts on the line feature....I'd love to collect some and have those pieces of the past to pat and admire! That pincushion is just awesome; really like it, and I think I will go thrifting now!

Pat said...

I"m glad your mom is doing okay. I've been so out of touch with the poison ivy and then not feeling well at all on the prednisone. I do think I'm allergic to it, but I've been told not to come off it prematurely, so I'm hoping once I"m done with it in the next few days, I'll start to get back to "normal". It's been a pretty hellish nearly two weeks now for me. I so enjoy seeing all the old quilts you've gotten over the years! (And if I ever get there, I want a pink one on my bed, okay?)

Beth said...

Another lovely old quilt. Your candy dish pincushion is so cute too. I have to go find some cany dishes.
Glad you Mom is doing well. Look forward to retreat photos.

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