Tuesday, August 2

If it's Tuesday........

...... it must be the day to visit Pat Sloan's blog for a chance to win ...............
All this week,  Jacquelynne over at TheNobleWife will be hosting a Book Blog Tour. You can see sample pages here. It's a wonderful book! 
Two projects really caught my eye.......the Pear Make-Do Pincushion and the Heartfelt Home Floor Mat. I am thinking I will give the Pear Make-Do a try. I have been looking in my stash for just the right fabrics that I can use to make the pear. And also, because I have her pattern "A Peck of Pears". I love pears when they are in season and that is right about now! Oh, they are delicious! Yum! And yum, too, for the recipes in Jacquelynne's book. As much as I love pears, I really love chocolate and will definitely be making the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes featured in her book. I know just from reading Pat Sloan's blog that she also loves a cupcake or two, so go check out her blog right now and see if you can win a copy of "Fruitful Hands"!
But before you head over to Pat's blog .........
as I mentioned yesterday, I am in Iowa with my mom, but I packed plenty of projects to keep me busy. I brought along my GO! Baby and the box with the fabrics from Jacquelynne's "Sewing Room Social" line.  I used a lot of the fabric last spring to cut charms for mug rugs for guests at the DayTreat I hosted. I thought I'd like to make some more as gifts and perhaps will want to help make one for Grandma.
And she could also make one for her mom for her desk at work. They are oh, so easy to make!
For a tutorial for making a mug rug, just click Here.
But don't forget to go to Pat's blog to enter for a chance to win "Fruitful Hands"!!!
Good luck and have a great day!!!

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Isn't Pat a hoot! I just love Jacquelynne's book. It looks awesome :-)

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