Monday, July 25

What's on the line?

It's a good thing I took a few quilt pictures a couple of weeks ago because it has been too hot to be hanging any quilts on the line. And I've been too busy! We had a great family reunion and I still plan to post some pics of that event. Unfortunately, I'm still recovering from my root canal surgery and that has put me way behind. However...............I have this wonderful quilt to share today...........
It's another one that my dad bought at auction and I just love this one. It's got some stains but it still retains incredible color and charm. By the fabric used in the quilt.......lots of shirtings and such, I am going to guess this quilt was made sometime between 1900 and 1920. Only a guess, but without any info on the maker or where the quilt came from, that is the best I can do. Notice that the maker didn't seem to keep her triangles going the same direction. I wonder.......was it on purpose or just how the blocks came together at the time?
It's going to be a beautiful day today in Minnesota. Very warm, but no storms and no high humidity! Have a great Monday wherever you are!


Pat said...

I did notice the triangles weren't always done in the same direction in a row, but maybe it was because she didn't have enough light fabrics, too. I like the idea of this pattern, though, and it sure is simple, but very effective. Sorry your mouth is still in recovery mode and interfering with your activities. :(

Beth said...

Love the fabrics.
Hope your mouth feels better soon.

Needled Mom said...

Your day was quite the quilt collector. I can see where you got your love of them.

Tonya said...

I cannot believe all the trouble you are having with that tooth! I am bad. I just get 'em pulled because the root canal never seems to last on me. I am praying for dentures some day! What a thing to wish for!

It is interesting to look at quilts like this and wonder the why's behind what they did.

Caroline said...

Lovely quilt, just like you I love old quilts. My friend Marne took a antique quilttop 1930s from Seattle with her for me. I'm busy doing it handquilting. The fun of this quilt that I know who the maker is, and I met the daughter, granddaughter and greatgranddaughter here in the Nehterlands. So exciting. with kind regards, CAro

Dora, the Quilter said...

It's fascinating that all three of these quilts have so much pink.
I love the fact that not all triangles are in the same direction. I like the interest it adds to the quilt. (I think I also like the fact that the quilt police of the 1980's would have given it a thumbs down because of what they saw as a serious imperfection.)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful quilt...thanks for showing!
Jacque in SC

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