Tuesday, July 5

Time passes way too fast!

Today is our son's 35th birthday. I can't believe that 35 years have passed since that tiny little guy was born. I remember the evening before he was born very well because it was the year of our Bicentennial and there was all the news coverage of the tall ships sailing into East coast harbors. Oh, yes, time passes way too fast!!  I remember how Devlin loved playing with his cars and trucks and building things with Legos. He still likes cars and this past weekend he helped his dad do a brake job on our Blazer.
The weather was decent so they had a good day to do the work. It was nice to have him come out for the day to help his dad. And like many a parent, I wished he could have stayed longer. :-)   As my own kids grew up, I came to realize how much it meant for my parents to have us visit for more than a few hours. But life gets busy so we do what we can and that's all one can do. While they worked on the car, I was cooking up some homemade Maid-rite's/loose meat sandwiches. It's an Iowa thing and they are really good.
We took a bit of time to talk about a CD of hymns that I will be doing soon. Devlin is a partner in a recording studio so I will be going to their studio to do the recording. I'll keep you posted on this. I think it's going to be really fun and it is definitely an item that is on my "bucket list".  I was glad we weren't doing the recording that day. We had originally planned it for this past Saturday but I said I'd reschedule so the brake job could get done. It's a good thing I did.
I wasn't feeling all that well that day, thought I had a sinus infection and when I get one, it sometimes settles into my cheek and so I also took a nap while they worked. Unfortunately, I didn't get better and realized my problem was tooth related, not sinuses. I had to call the dentist Sunday morning and he suspects a cracked tooth or the need for a root canal. Ugh! He called in an antibiotic and it, along with extra strength acetiminophen are keeping the pain at bay and I am feeling a bit better. However, it has not been the greatest of Independence days around here. I have so many things I want to do and just can't concentrate because my tooth hurts. I want to share what I'm planning for these little bags...........
because it involves the GO!Baby project that I made with niece, Sue Ellen. This is the two of us as we prepared to play with some fun seersucker fabrics that I brought along when I went home to see my mom a couple of weeks ago.
That was such a lovely day. We took our project outside because it was just too nice to be inside! So, once I get this tooth thing taken care of, I will get to that project and also to some crazy quilting things I've been wanting to share. All in good time..........
I never thought I'd be so anxious to see my dentist but I can hardly wait to get to his office.......LOL! Gotta keep my sense of humor!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

You are so right. The time passes way too fast. My oldest turned 30 this year, and it sure is sobering. I still have a 19 year old at home, but still, time seems to move so quickly when you have children. They grow up in front of your eyes and then the time is gone :-(

Anonymous said...

My two became 34 and 27 this spring. Yesterday our extended family spent some time looking at some old pictures that had been scanned into the computer and were being projected onto a large-screen tv. My granddaughter, age 3, saw a baby picture of me for the first time. At first, she identified that baby as herself. When we told her to try again, she decided that this was a picture of her mother. She was certainly surprised when she learned that it was my baby picture and said "But that baby looks just like my baby pictures".

I am glad that you have identified the problem as dental and are getting it taken care of right away, but I'm sorry that you have to go through that. We know that it is really bad when you are looking forward to a visit to your dentist!

There will be time for the projects, and we will be eager to see them when they are ready.

Owl Lady

Diane Wild said...

Ugh..sorry to hear about the tooth problems. I went through that not too long ago and I didn't care what the cost or inconvenience, just FIX IT! It'll be better soon. Thank goodness for drugs.

Needled Mom said...

The years do go by much too quickly, Sandi. Happy birthday to your son.

Sorry about that tooth. That has to feel awful!!! I hope it is better soon so you get into a more creative mode and can enjoy the sewing.

kc said...

Oh, yeah, it just isn't right when you're WANTING a root canal!!! Those little baskets are really pretty tho - look just like summer at the beach to me!! Can't wait to see what you have planned for 'em.

Good luck with the tooth.

Dee M said...

Sandi, the older of my two sons turns 35 this year, too. Years do fly it seems, my daughter turned 39 last month...she's the oldest kiddo.

Hope you were able to get the tooth fixed and now pain free.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how fast the time does go by...gotta make memories while you can, I guess! Love your bags - they're cute! Hope your tooth is fixed now, and you can enjoy life without achy pain!
Jacque in SC

annemarie said...

Golly I hope you are feeling better - tooth pain is no fun - I have had my share of them. Hope your son had a great birthday - my oldest turns 40 in October and he is really dreading this birthday. I would love to go back to that age!! Hope you are home from the dentist and resting comfortably.

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