Monday, April 18

What's on the line? ............and DayTreat FUN!!!

Oh, my goodness! I have so much fun stuff to share that it will take me all week to do it! I'll start right off with a little something on the line. Of course, you can tell that I didn't take the photo this past week as it's been cold and wet again. This picture was taken two years ago. It's a quilt top that my mother gave me for my birthday, one she bought at auction..........

If you go here, you can read my original post about the quilt. I think it's just a wonderful, scrappy vintage top! I am awed by the maker as she stitched it all by hand and it is quite well done. Triangles are not easy to do. They get wonky because there is a bias edge and there are a lot of them in this quilt. But I do love it and I often like quilts with triangles but I just don't make a lot of quilts that have triangles. I tend to stitch squares and strips, but when I saw Heidi Kaisand's quilt called " CandyDish ", I loved it and wanted to make it. However, it had lots of triangles. Visual learner that I am, I thought  ...... "I can get this if someone shows me". :-)
So, I e-mailed Heidi and scheduled a date for her to come and teach. Then I typed up the info and shared it with friends. Many of you know Heidi as the NationalSalesManager for APQS long arm quilting machines and for the many years she was the editor of Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. But she is also from Iowa, my home state. I thoroughly enjoy her blog because she writes about things that are near and dear to the place I grew up and she weaves family life and quilts and kids all into one great blog!  Last spring, she hosted a retreat in Des Moines and my friend, Sue, met me there and we so enjoyed our time. Very fun retreat and so relaxing. I knew that we could have the same fun time here in Henderson. Fast forward to this past Friday and friends new and old gathered for that very thing!  I packed into one day, an entire weekend's worth of retreat fun so it will take me all week to tell you about it and how I made some of the gifties and about the great ruler that Heidi used to cut all those triangles and just all the fun we had!!!!

I'll start with Friday morning.  Little gifts awaited each of the guests................
I made everyone a mug rug from fabrics that Jacquelynne at the TheNobleWife sent me a few weeks ago. I love the fabrics in her "Sewing Room Social" line. My GO! Baby was also involved in this project.  And I found perfect little dishes at Target to fill with some candy and a notepad, Heidi's pattern, a snap case to hold patterns and a Snap 'n Share case (great for my rotary cutter) from Janice at FireflyQuiltShop.
And to get the day started right, there were treats!!!...........  delicicous muffins that I bought at Crossroads Gourmet Bakery over in Gaylord. Ooooh, were they yummy!!!!  (Go there if you live in the area!)
We were ready to get started shortly after 9:30 a.m. I introduced Heidi and she shared the little quilt that we would make that day, along with other fun quilts that have us inspired for future classes! By the way, check out her blog for better photos. She does a much better job at that than I do!
She got right to work demonstrating the KaleidoRuler from Marti Michell. Check out that highlighted link for more info. It's a fabulous tool!
As soon as Heidi had finished demonstrating how to cut those triangles, everyone got busy cutting..................
The room we were in is the Community Room in our City Hall building and it had great lighting plus those wonderful big windows to give us day light!  In the photo above, that's Carol Majerus on the left and daughter-in-law Lori on the right. And below is Pandora Jurisoo.
Here's Becky Green and Kathy Mentjes in the photo above ....... and below.................
are Linda Lovich and Connie Rau (Connie is our Postmaster and you may recognise her from the quilt that some of you helped with for Emma's Hope).
Everyone had to concentrate on cutting the right strip sets and then placing the ruler correctly and the result was perfect triangles!  Here we have Sue Vulcan and Peggy Kotek cutting their triangles.

And how many triangles were needed? More on that in my next post. :-) And also more on how I used my GO! Baby to make those mug rugs.

And that's all for today. In addition to taking all week to share the fun we had, it will take me all week to catch up on sleep. I started yesterday afternoon with a three hour nap. LOL!
Have a good Monday!
See you tomorrow!


Crispy said...

Look at how hard all you ladies are working!! I can hardly wait for the show n tell part :0)


Me and My Stitches said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! What a fun quilt.

Jayne said...

What a wonderful treat! Enjoyed reading today's blog, and I love the quilt on the line!
Happy Quilting!

Mommarock said...

Look at that deep concentration! It does look like everyone is having a great time though.. I giggled a bit at your nap time post.. sometimes you just need to get away from it all to realize... you are REALLY tired and need a good ol nap!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Looks like you all had so much fun!

I'm going to go check out the tool. I love the quilt!

Needled Mom said... looks and sounds like it was a fabulous time. I am going to have to check out Heidi's blog.

Rest up and enjoy the week ahead.

Beth said...

The quilt on the line is so amazing, I would love to make one too, but all those triangles.
Your workshop looks like fun. I just love the quilt you were all working on.
Can't wait to hear more about your quilty day as the week goes on.

Pat said...

I'm glad you had such a great day. I'm sure everyone was happy to do such a pretty quilt...can't wait to read more in your next post.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I missed out on such fun, didn't I Sandi? You had everything so well planned and such nice surprises for everyone!
What a beautiful quilt on the line!

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