Wednesday, April 20

Sweet Sixteen Candy Dishes.......

Today's post is a look at all the candy dishes that I found for the guests who came to my DayTreat gathering. I had so much fun doing this aspect of the day, that you might want to try this, too. Gather six or seven friends (or more!), order up a bunch of Heidi's patterns for her Candy*Dish quilt, then tell your friends to shop for a candy dish and fill it with goodies. Gather together to make the quilt and then when you break for lunch or a snack do an exchange of the candy dishes that everyone brought. Fun is guaranteed!
When I began my search for candy dishes, I set a more than $5.00 for each candy dish. The cheapest one was $2.00, the one I bought for me. :-)

Here is the one I found for Heidi.........
It's a milk glass compote and the treasure in the center is a lovely little polka dot hen that was made in Japan. I could not believe it when I saw it and it was in perfect condition! And perfect for Heidi of  Hen*and*Chicks!
I selected candy dishes that in some way reminded me of each person. I know Carol so well and we both have some half-finished basket blocks for a quilt that we hope to finish. What better dish for her than this basket dish with the tulips!  I had never met Carol's daugher-in-law Lori so I selected a simple milk glass dish for her.
My friend, Pandora loves purple and you may remember her as the one who hosts a June quilt show called "Quilts in Bloom" in her back yard. I have shared pictures from past shows and she does a lovely job with her event. I thought this ceramic basket would be a great candy basket or filled with fresh flowers for the event coming up on June 11th of this year.
Now my friend, Connie, who is also the local Postmaster, has little grandkids and when I found this one, I thought it would be perfect for treats for them. Connie can have some, too.
I met Peggy Kotek last summer when she did an exhibit of her quilts at Kindred Kwilters in LeSueur. Her designs have been featured in American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine and in some of their annual calendars. Having seen her work, I chose this footed glass candy dish for her.
Peggy brought along her friend, Sue, whom I had never met. I chose this etched white glass candy dish for her.
One of my favorite candy dishes that I found was this one.........
I love how it looks filled with M & M's. I also found a smaller version of this one, so I kept that one for me and filled this large one for Linda.
I met Pat shortly after moving to Henderson.  I found this little candy dish at the little shop called Uniques and Antiques which is right next door to her place. It just seemed perfect for Pat! I learned yesterday that her mother collects candy dishes but Pat said she's not getting this one. :-)
Now my friend, Connie, did not get a dish in spring colors because when I saw this beautiful amber dish (I should have taken a photo of the lovely etched glass design on it), I knew it was meant for Connie. You see, I have a small table runner that I started for Connie at least four years ago and when I finally finish it, this candy dish will look great on that table runner. She knew exactly why I chose it before I even told her. :-) I love friends who love you even when they know your faults.
Sometimes, I seemed to get the choices right and I just got lucky. I loved this square glass candy dish but it was the green doily that made Kathy remark "I love green" and for Becky......she loves yellow! I have come to know Kathy in the the Kindred Kwilter's group and met Becky last summer when I did a program for the Waseca (MN) quilt group.

There are two candy dishes in this photo for a good reason. The little bunny dish went home to Mary (of MaryOnLakePulaski blog) who after planning for some months to join us, was not able to do so due to the passing of a family member.  If you are familiar with Mary's blog and her granddaughters, Audrey, I think she will love this bunny. :-)
Mary and her friend, Barbara, were planning to attend together. When Mary couldn't come, another friend took her place, Laurie. And guess what? ........ I had made one extra of everthing except I had no more name cards so even Laurie got a little candy dish, the crystal one next to the bunny. The milk glass dish in the photo below I chose for Barbara. I loved the rippled edge on the dish.
And at this time of year, I always think of bunnies, eggs, and spring things and my daughter's birthday on April 19th. This one was perfect for her.........
And the one I found for me.........was pink, of course!  You will notice that our dishes are missing the fabric bundles and other treats. Everyone got a fat quarter bundle of Jacquelynne's Sewing*Room*Social fabrics and since I have more at home, I just didn't cut fabrics for us. Instead, I found special doilies for our dishes, also inexpensive finds at the MRCI Thrift Shop in Mankato. I don't actually plan to use my dish for candy. It's going to become a pincushion!  :-)
So there they are........a sweet sixteen, well, seventeen, candy dishes! I just had to share and hope to inspire some of you to do something similar if you are planning a fun quilty day with friends.
I promised I would reveal if we actually got any blocks sewn. I promise we did but this is all I have time to post about today. I'll share block results in my next post and even a finished quilt top!! Nope, it's not mine. Pandora sent me an e-mail tonight and she has already finished her quilt top. It's awesome. Photos coming in my next post...........
Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea Sandi. One could use that for any type of get together :)

antique quilter said...

this is such a great idea! your so creative.
I think its wonderful that you had Heidi come out and do a workshop, isn't she just so nice????
I am really enjoying the posts, thanks for sharing your fun with us.

Pat said...

You certainly went above and beyond in what you put together for each of those ladies to take home as a special remembrance! I'm sure they were all thrilled. Thanks for taking the time to do the photos and then post them here for us.

Needled Mom said...

As only you could do, Sandi, each little dish took into consideration the recipient. They are each so special and a delightful memory of the fun they had.

I'm sorry that Mary had to cancel, but that will be perfect for her.

Jocelyn said...

Sandi, these are so cute! What a great idea.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a sweet, sweet bunny candy dish Sandi!! I haven't talked to Barbara yet, but expect to see her on Tuesday. The name tags look so cute too!
Maybe I'll just have to drive down and work on the Candy Dish with you!

Catskill Quilter said...

I just loved this post! I also love that you shared each candy dish with us! I so enjoyed it all.

sewfunquilts said...

What a wonderful idea, and the little dishes were adorable.

katiejayinpa said...

so much fun Sandi...and the candy dishes are just lovely..the stories that go with them just make it like being lucky your friends are to have you!

L. said...


This quilty day looked like a lot of fun! Wish I could be a part of it.You really are the ONE to make it happen! Lots of great ideas too.
Thanks for sharing everything.


Anonymous said...

Love all the candy dishes and the stories that match them. Something I never thought of collecting.

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