Monday, February 14

What's on the line?

Happy Valentines Day!! I wanted to make this a red and white post but I didn't have anymore heart quilts to share. Then I remembered this red and white quilt ....................Isn't is lovely? And the bonus in this quilt photo is all that sunshine! Now, you all know that I live in Minnesota and there may be sunshine here but all the green grass is covered with snow at this time of year. However, when I went out to church yesterday, it almost felt like spring. That's right!! The temp reached 46 degrees which is awesome for us in the month of February!! It warmed my heart just to feel that warm air and a bit of sunshine.
And speaking of a warm heart, it was a warm-hearted friend who gave me this quilt. I've shared it before in a post last summer. Take a trip back to this post ...... Summer*and*what's*on*the*line?! ...... and you can read all about it and a few other favorite vintage quilts from my collection.
Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share a little greeting...........
This is a little cross stitch piece that I designed and stitched sometime in the late 1990's. The little bear is purchased and is about 3" tall so that gives you an idea of scale of the items in the photo. I like that message "Be Mine". Simple and sweet. That same message is what will be on my mini block of the month project this month. It's not finished, so "coming soon" is the ticket for that project. I also used "Be Mine" on the the little Valentine the bear is holding. It's one of many that I drew to use in my miniature scenes. To see some of the Miniature "Eye Candy" that I have created from bits of fabric, clay and other goodies, just click here and you will see a tiny world full of sweet Valentine treats. I rarely make any miniature projects these days as I am always stitching something now, but I made plenty in the almost twenty-five years that I belonged to the Midwest Miniature Guild. One of these days, I have to get a shelf or something so I can get them out of storage and display them. I miss seeing them as I only get them out for special holidays. Hope you enjoy them! And I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!!!
Happy is the heart that smiles, so smile big all day!!!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty Sandi! Tammy in MN

Mommarock said...

Wow 46! You are hitting the big time there.. that means somewhere down deep..the snow is melting.. Whooohoooo!!!

Pat said... I enjoyed seeing your miniatures when you've shown photos of them in the past. How wonderful that you had a "heat wave" yesterday. Sadly, I'm sure it won't last long (yet). Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Beth said...

The red and white quilt is so pretty. I really enjoyed all your perfectly crafted mini's.
For a few yearfs I built doll houses and made some things for them. I enjoyed it but then the quilting bug bit me and I don't do much else these days.

Jules Woolford said...

Wow, another stunning quilt. I wish my washing line looked like that!

Needled Mom said...

Yeah....a little warm up for you. I am sure that spring can not arrive soon enough.

Your reds are just lovely. I always love the line on Monday!

Anonymous said...

I love red and white quilts! This reminds me of the NYC exhibit that I can't go to in March, that I'd really love to see. 650 r/w quilts - the largest quilt exhibit ever in NYC, and all from one woman's collection! Sigh. This is a beauty, Sandi.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You know red and white will never ever go out of style. Some quilts we make totally date us with fabric. But a quilt like that is timeless and a treasure.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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