Thursday, November 11

In honor of our Veterans.....

I was looking for just the right image to honor our Veterans for their service to our country. I found it in my own photos. This was taken last May on Memorial Day when guys from my hometown of Lehigh, Iowa marched in honor of their fellow servicemen and women. In Lehigh, there is a service at the cemetary and then another service at the bridge when a wreath is tossed into the waters below and a 21-gun salute follows. That's my high school friend, Lonnie Johnson holding the U.S. flag. He, along with many other guys in my high school class were drafted into the Army or entered the Air Force or Marines at the time of Vietnam. Lonnie served in the Navy. My husband, Steve, served in the Air Force. I remember the era of Vietnam well and how it affected many of my friends and classmates.
It occurred to me that there is no better image than one such as image that shows veterans honoring veterans, and knowing that along the way men, women and children are standing in salute to honor them, too. As long as we honor those who serve, and those who have given their lives, our country will continue to be a strong nation. That's just my opinion but just thinking of the men and women who have given of their time to serve to protect others, brings tears to my eyes. We are blessed that so many choose to sacrifice to serve the greater good. If you have known someone who has served or given their life in service, stand up and salute them wherever you are right now. I can still see my dad on one of the last times he attended a parade and the Veteran's marched by. He was using a walker then to get around, but he still rose as they passed, and you could see the emotion in his eyes as he recalled time spent serving in WWII. In remembrance of him, I had to share these thoughts.
May you have a blessed day.


Pat said...

Even as we read your blog and type our replies, there are armed forces around the world working to maintain the freedoms we enjoy. Regardless of our political leanings, we certainly should take time out from our regular "programming" today to show our respect and to honor these wonderful men and women. Your thoughts are very well-expressed here! Thanks for this post.

Beth said...

Wonderful post. My Dad was career Navy. He served in Korea and Vietman. I was a volunteer in a military hospital during Vietman and it was an amazing experience. How much our Veterans sacrificed for us. Thanks to all of them, past and present.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Very good thoughts. My son is serving in the Air Force now and we are very proud of him.

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