Wednesday, October 20

Wooly Pincushion Swap...........

I'm participating in a "Wooly Pincushion Swap" that Brenda over at Pumpkin~Patch~Primitives has organized. You may remember that my pincushion base has a stalk of corn on it. There have been other items added to it as it has passed between stitcher's in this Pincushion Round Robin. It's on it's last stop and then will wing it's way home to me. This one below arrived at my house just before my retreat. Aren't those snowmen cute?
This is Michelle's pincushion base and you can see that winter is her theme. She stitched the snowmen to get the winter theme started. I am stitching a little something on here that reminds me of winter. Earlier tonight I felt like I could have used a pair of them while I was stitching. That's a hint. LOL!! We haven't turned the heat on yet but I think the time is coming soon. Anyway, when I finish what I am stitching on this piece, I'll show it to Michelle first and then share with all of you. Check out Michelle's blog here and also, her website Rocking~Chair~Stitches.

With the weather getting cooler, my thoughts are really returning to wool projects. I find that I just cannot get motivated to work with wool when it's hot out. I really try but it just does not work for me. Going to be plenty cool really soon here and it will stay that way for many months!!
Thinking of wool projects, I was reminded to get out two of my favorites that are perfect for this time of the year. They are both the same design and can be found in the Better Homes and Gardens pattern booklet Folk-Art Quilts. I think the booklet is out-of-print. There is no date in the booklet but I think I bought it in 2002. The design is by Melissa Young and Karen Fahel of CrazyFolk (I would provide a link but I have searched and cannot find one). The pillow is made from wool and the wall-hanging with the twig frame is made from woolfelt. The pillow was a blue ribbon winner at the county fair a few years ago. I remember it not so much because of the ribbon but because of a little boy who really liked the pillow and picked it up and walked away with it. It was really funny! The ladies who were watching the exhibits had him put it back so no harm done. :-)
I'm meeting my good friend, Barb, for lunch today. She is not a quilter but she appreciates quilting and she faithfully reads my blog. :-) We worked together many moons ago as teacher's aides at an elementary school. Plus our kids went to school together. We'll have a great time catching up. We'll have a great day and I hope you do, too!!


Kathie said...

just love the pumpkins so nice.
love the stitching...oh the snowmen look so cute
thats going to be a beautiful pincushion

Carol said...

That's going to be a great wool the snowmen...can't wait to see what you add. Your pumpkins are wonderful!

Crispy said...

I imagine working with wool is like hand quilting in the summer....It's too dang hot!!


Pat said...

Lovely pillows and I can just imagine how cute those completed pincushions are going to be.

Needled Mom said...

Love the pumpkins!!! I can see why a little guy would want to "lift" a pillow.

The swap sounds like fun. Those little snowmen are adorable.

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