Monday, June 14

"What's on the line?"

Today is Flag Day here in the U.S. so I had to hang something patriotic on the line.............

This is a small quilt that I made in June of 2000 . It's one of those twelve quilts that I made to celebrate the Millennium. Each month of that year, I made a quilt to celebrate a holiday or special occasion. I chose to make a quilt in honor of Flag Day for June (go here for info on Flag Day). It was also my dad's birthday so I made the quilt in honor of him. And now, it is a memory quilt as he passed away a little over two years ago. He would have been 84 this year. I still miss him dearly. It was shortly after he passed away that I began blogging. It helped me to think and often got me through periods of grief because having to create a post and share photos gave me some purpose. It is hard to believe that I have been blogging for two years. My blogging anniversary came and went recently (May 26, 2008) because I was busy preparing for my mother to come to visit. It had been almost twelve years since she had been up here to visit us. Health issues for her and my dad overwhelmed their lives in those years but she is doing well now and as you all know from the last three posts, she had a great time during her visit. There was a moment shortly after she arrived when she looked around the house and spoke the thought that I was thinking ...."it's just too bad that your dad isn't here to see this". He would have liked the house and would have had questions about how this or that was constructed. He would have loved the backyard and the deer that come through and the birds that sing in the morning. And he would have enjoyed visiting the grandkids and great grandson, Jacob. Yes, I wished, too, that he could be with us. But if he couldn't be here, I know that he was happy that my mother could be. He was always making sure "Ma was happy". :-)

So, this day is a day to celebrate our nation's flag and, for me, it's a day to remember my dad and his birthday. And what about you, my readers and followers? You've stayed with me when I've had "ups and downs" this past two years and you keep stopping by. I appreciate each and every one of you. The time has come to celebrate because I not only reached two years of blogging recently but I also surpassed 500 posts and over 250 followers. So, if you regularly read my blog or are a follower, please stay tuned for I'm going to host a giveaway to celebrate these milestones. I think I'll probably post it on June 21, the day of the Summer Solstice here in the U.S. It would be a good day to celebrate. I might even celebrate all the way up to July 4th. You just never know. :-)

That's all for now. Hope your week is off to a good start. Have a great day!


Pat said...

You know that I felt an instant connection with you when I discovered your blog. It is hard to believe it's been two years already! I do love your flag quilt and it's nice to put it "on the line" today......for two special reasons that you mentioned. I do have my flag flying outside...had it up on Memorial Day and every day since then.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Sandi, I always enjoy your posts. And what a fun way to celebrate your blogiversary. I might have something coming up on my blog as well ;-D

Crispy said...

What a lovely post today Sandi :0)


Caryl W said...

Sandi...I really enjoy your blog and feel a connection too...maybe it is because we both are originally from Iowa. I grew up close to you in Gowrie!! And now live in San Diego. Your flag is great and I notice there is no wind today! I still giggle thinking of the photos of the wind blowing your quilts on the line and it brought back soooo many memories. Glad your mom got to visit you at your house.

Beth said...

Well, I am a newcomer to your blog, but I read one post and became a follower. I enjoy your quilts and your stories.
It is tough to lose loved ones, glad you found a way through it. I lost my baby sister Memorial day weekend 16 years ago and I always think of her over that weekend.

Belinda said...

I love your blog! Your quilt is wonderful - I think Flag quilts are some of my favorite.


Kathie said...

oh I just love this little quilt, great to hang up as a flag!
I love americana style quilts and well flag quilts tug at my heart
thanks for sharing and always enjoy your posts.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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