Wednesday, April 14

It's a "Wooly Wednesday" and "Tuesday Crazies" cont'd......

You know, a girl can't have too much fun. That's right. Doesn't matter your age or what's going on in your life, when there are friends, food and fabric around, it all equals fun. :-) Here are a few more photos from a bit of the fun I enjoyed the past two days..........
That's Adella on the right. Don't you just love that bag she made? It's just scraps from the quilts she's made the last couple of years. She used Warm and Natural batting in the handles to make them puffy, tied the knots in the handles and then stitched them in place. Sooooo cute, I might have to make one like it. :-) That's her quilt in the photo below. And it's not just that she made the quilt, it's that this one is for her!! Adella makes a lot of quilts for fundraising at her church but she made this one for herself. Plus she had enough fabric left-over to make pillowcases and a nightstand topper!
It would be really nice if my picture taking skills were better. That's Arlis on the right and she is hand-stitching some spool blocks. Maybe next time we meet I can make sure I get a better picture of her.

We really had a good time looking at all the projects that we had done over the winter. That's Carol on the left holding up her blue and green quilt. The machine quilting was done by her friend, Sue Tuma. It's a beauty, isn't it? Carol also made this cute garden themed wall-hanging. I loved that patchwork baskets. I wish I could remember the pattern name. I'll have to ask Carol again and make sure I write it down. :-) Edit: I got the name from Carol but the pattern may be discontinued. I'll post correct info as soon as I know!

Here's Kate with her finished top for the Downy Quilts for Kids project. She also shared some placemats that her quilt group is making for a Meals on Wheels project for next fall. I'll share more on that one at a later date.

My friend, Sue, made these lovely Redwork wall quilts this past winter. She embroidered them and then did the machine quilting. They were patterns found in a book and I will have to get that one, too, for future reference.
There are a few more "Tuesday Crazies" photos but I'll post those later next week. We had a great day and can hardly wait to meet at Adella's house in May as we are going to learn a new project from Pandora. More fun with friends, more good food, more fabric. Yep, we girls have FUN!

Moving on to more was "Wooly Wednesday" at Firefly and I brought along some fun projects to work on and some patterns to share. I also let each of the gals fill a small plastic bag full of my woolfelt scraps. I've done so many projects the last few years and I never throw a scrap away so my scrap basket was overflowing. I had to do something but they barely made a dent so we might have to do that again. :-)
Sue on the right was new to this little wooly venture but she said she really enjoyed the afternoon. We thought it was interesting that her husband is Steve, and Sandy (holding the baby in the photo below) is also married to a Steve and so am I! Do do do .......I hear the music from Twilight Zone. LOL! We had a very young member join our group.........Courtney (standing) is new mom to little Amelia Rose who is in the arms of her grandma, Sandy.........three generations in one class! I'm going to e-mail this photo to Courtney so that one day she can show Amelia that she attended her first stitching class at just three weeks old! She is sooooo cute! Hope Courtney brings her along next time!
Well, in addition to having fun, a girl has to get some sleep, so I best close out this post for today. Have a good one!




habe gerade ein wenig in deinem Blog gestöbert. Schöne Sachen sind da zu sehen.

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

Kaye said...

My oh my you do keep busy Sandi. I don't know how you fit it all in

Pat said...

I love the things your Crazies made and showed. (If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the blue and GREEN quilt!!! LOL) Thanks for sharing your fun times with us.

Crispy said...

Wow such lovely projects!! I LOVE Adella's quilt such a striking pattern and fabrics.


Barb said...

Thanks so much for those wonderful pictures...I just enjoyed them all but that basket quilt spoke to says,,,,make do you know the name and where to get it? Thanks again,

Sandi said...

I translated Margit's comment and here it is....."have just a little rummage in your blog. Beautiful things are to be seen." Thanks, Margit!

Micki said...

Your work is wonderful! I love the redwork that you did!

Owl Lady said...

When you get the answers to the questions you raised about pattern names and sources etc., would you please post them? The beautiful things made by your Crazy friends give me many ideas!

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos with us. All of the projects are so nice. I really like the baskets too, so if you do get the pattern name??? I have a thing for basket quilts, I amcrazy about them.
How do you fit all of your activties in?

Anonymous said...

Wow, absolutely great show and tell!

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful projects. I love the scrap bag and that basket quilt...oh my!

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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