Tuesday, April 13

Tuesday Crazies!!!

We had a great day today.....lovely weather, good lunch, show 'n tell, and lots of laughter. Our little group hasn't met since last October so we had lots to catch up on. I would tell you all about it but I'm tired tonight and lots to do for tomorrow's class, then Thursday's program. I'll share the laughs and the quilts as soon as I can but I thought I'd give you a preview from our "show 'n tell"................
This is Pandora with her "almost finished" Kaffe Fasset quilt which can be found in his book "Museum Quilts". Isn't this loverly?!!! I love the fabrics and the design. All that is left to do on the quilt is to stitch the binding in place. This quilt is one of many that will be on display at Pandora's "Quilts in Bloom" show on June 12th (Hopkins, MN). I'll have more info on that in a future post and I'll have more "Tuesday Crazies" fun to share in my next post. :-)
Have a good day!


Crispy said...

Ooooo so very pretty!! Have a great time at the class and the Thursday program....such a busy lady :0)


Pat said...

LOVE that quilt. Many times the Kaffe quilts I see are too wild for my taste.......but this is extemely elegant-looking! I'm sure your class will go well today and the program tomorrow, too.

Anonymous said...

After enlarging and seeing all the lovely quilting, all I can say is very well done! It's beautiful!

Sue H said...

LOVE this quilt -- the fabrics are so rich and the design is wonderful. Gorgeous.

Owl Lady said...

Pandora is quite talented. I enjoyed seeing your photos of her quilts and flowers from last year's show. I wish that I lived close enough to see it in person.
I agree with Pat that some combinations of Kaffe's fabrics are too riotous for me, but there is enough neutral brown in these to calm it in general and focus attention on individual prints. It reminds me of flower beds with a walkway.
Enjoy your busy week, and take care.

Tracy P. said...

This is a GORGEOUS quilt, but I'm curious, why the extra srip of triangle down the side she is standing on? Is it just to lengthen it?

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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